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Amid its ongoing trade war with USA, China set to launch a system for national security in tech

Hu Xijn, an influential editor of the Chinese daily Global Times, on Saturday, Tweeted “Based on what I know, China is building a management mechanism to protect China’s key technologies.” Hu Xijn also realizes that once it takes effect, some technology exports to the US will be subject to control.

China is all set to establish a system that will provide National Security in technology, amid the expanding trade war with the United States of America. The National Development and Reform Commission is working to establish systems to defuse national security risks. The Xinhua news agency did not state whether this move was linked to the expanding trade war, however, it did state that “detailed measures will be unveiled in the near future”.

The trade battle between Washington and Beijing continued since last month after trade talks in the US ended without a deal. Donald Trump, the US president had raised tariffs on USD 200 billion in Chinese goods, due to which Beijing retaliated with its own tariff hike on US goods worth billions.  Washington’s move to blacklist Huawei over national security concerns poses a serious threat to Huawei’s Global ambitions. To respond to this move, Beijing on Thursday decided that it would make its own blacklist of foreign companies that would be unreliable to them. This will not only target the US but also other international firms that cut off supplies to Huawei. Huawei is the world leader in the upcoming 5G technology and having no competition from the US as such is the primary reason as to why China accuses Donald Trump of wanting to thwart Huawei’s future and development.

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