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Best kissanime alternatives for free anime streaming

Kissanime is one of the most used platforms to stream anime for free. Anime has a cult following and is getting recognized globally. However Anime is still not streamed in several countries, and on top of that, it is very difficult to find good quality English dubbed anime streaming platforms. 

Popular anime movies like Dragon Ball Super: Broly and One Piece Gold have already been streamed in theatres in a few countries and people have been looking for portals for streaming dubbed anime.

While kissanime offers most of the top-grossing anime, it occasionally does not deliver for dubbed anime, I have written an entire article about its features and how to stream for anime using kissanime if in case you guys want to check it out.

Without further adieu, let us look at some of the best alternatives to kissanime to stream anime for free. I have personally gone to each of the below anime websites to find their pros and cons.


Torrentz2 homepage

Torrentz2 is called Google for torrents. It is a highly used website for searching torrent links to almost any anime. If you are searching for a way to stream some of the rarest anime for free chances are you will not find it on any other website except Torrentz2.  

The way Torrentz2 works is that you will have to enter the name of the anime you are looking to watch, it will then provide you with the best torrent links to that anime. 

In my opinion, if you have exhausted all your options while finding ways to stream for free anime, do not give up before you give Torrentz2 a try.

Torrentz2 Specifications

Unique Features Capable search engine; Verified torrents.
Registration  Not required.
Availability Blocked in selected countries and by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
Visit Torrentz2



ThePirateBay Homepage

ThePiratebay is not a dedicated site for streaming anime for free but it is one of the best websites for torrenting. Other than anime torrents, you will also find movie torrent links, PC games torrenting, and much more. 

If you choose this website for streaming anime, you will have to be patient before you find a relevant link because of the excess torrent files stored in the website. 

I have added ThePiratebay to the list of best sites for free anime streaming because 9 out of 10 times it will always deliver. It is just like a Wikipedia for torrenting. 

As an additional tip, make sure to read all comments and reviews before opening any torrent link from ThePiratebay as some of them contain malware that can harm your device.


ThePirateBay Overview
Unique Features Millions of torrents; Magnet links supported; Easy navigation.
Registration  Not required.
Availability Blocked in certain countries and by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
Visit The Pirate Bay



LimeTorrents Homepage

LimeTorrents is a website that is very popular among pro geeks, it has been around before any other torrenting site or free streaming website has existed.

This website is straight to the point, it is ad-free and will not redirect you to pages with ads. The only drawback is that you need to be a dedicated torrent-client to download torrents from this LimeTorrents.

That being said, I was surprised by the amount of anime streaming links that are available on this website. 

Once I started doing deeper research I found some of the rarest to some of the popular anime in LimeTorrents. Hence it was a no brainer to add LimeTorrents to the list of free anime streaming.


LimeTorrents Overview
Unique Features One of the oldest; Plenty of torrents; Straightforward UI design.
Registration Not required (but required a dedicated torrent client).
Availability Banned in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
Visit LimeTorrents


1337X Homepage

The domain name does sound a bit spammy, and the website UI does look outdated but do not let that confuse you.

 When it comes to torrenting and free streaming, anime is just a small niche in 1337X, it contains free movie streaming links, PC game links and much more. It is one of the most used websites for torrenting despite its user interface. 

For anime streaming, 1337X has two categories top 100 anime and trending anime, you can also search for anime of your choice on the website.


1337X Overview
Unique Features Simple navigation; Reputable tracker; Rich torrent library.
Registration  Not required.
Availability Banned in Ireland, Austria, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3.
Visit 1337x


TorrentDownloads Homepage

TorrentDownloads will arguably change your perception of torrent websites. I have not come across a better torrent website that outranks TorrentDownloads in terms of speed and its User Interface.

I have added this website to the list of best websites to stream anime for free because it has almost 70,000 HD quality anime streaming links. You can also find English, Spanish and multiple languages dubbed HD quality anime links in TorrentDownloads. 


TorrentDownloads Overview
Unique Features Nicely organized content; Rich anime section; Plenty of healthy torrents; Plenty of seeders.
Registration Not required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
Visit TorrentDownloads


Project-GXS Homepage

ProjectGXS is like an inventory for free anime streaming. On this website, you will arguably find all anime that have been streamed to date.

There is not a single anime that you will not find on ProjectGXS. If you do not find free downloadable anime streaming links you will certainly find its alternative on this website.

You can also interact with fellow Anime fans on ProjectGXS and share your opinions on anime like Bleach, One Punch Man, Death Note and much more.


ProjectGXS Overview
Unique Features Latest Anime links; interactive community; Helpful filtering via tags.
Registration Not required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs None available.
Visit Project GXS



AnimeLayer Homepage

AnimeLayer is a Russian language anime streaming website. All content on the website is written in Russian. You can use a live translation service for opting to use the free anime website in another language.

Amongst all the websites on the list, I found AnimeLayer to have to best User Interface. 

AnimeLayer does not feature ads as well, however, you will need to sign up to enjoy anime streaming for free on this website.

AnimeLayer Overview
Unique Features In Russian; Inclusive of a forum; updated daily.
Registration  Required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs None available.
Visit Anime Layer


AnimeUltime Homepage

AnimeUltime is a french anime streaming website. Just like AnimeLayer, by using a live translation service you can translate the anime content to English or any other language.

To stream anime for free, AnimeUltime relies on AdobeResources which can cause heavy loads on your device.

A pretty basic website, compared to other websites on this list, I will give AnimeUltime an average rating as an anime streaming for free websites. 


AnimeUltime Overview
Unique Features Provides media streaming; Whole Anime series; French website
Registration  Not required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1
Visit Anime Ultime


AnimeTorrents Homepage

Anime fan worldwide has said that AnimeTorrents is the one place where you will find the latest and trending Anime before they are available on other free anime streaming portals. I found this hard to believe, so I did my own research, I patiently waited for the latest One Piece episode to officially release. And to my surprise, I found that episode the quickest in AnimeTorrents.

The streaming speed and downloading speed for anime were also very quick. Overall I feel if you are looking to stream anime for free, AnimeTorrents will surely keep you happy. You will need to sign up to use this website, which was probably the only unpopular feature of AnimeTorrents.


AnimeTorrents Overview
Unique Features Quickest updates; Hottest anime content; Private torrent tracker; Provides a forum.
Registration Required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs None available.
Visit Anime Torrents


Shana Project

Shana-Project Homepage

If you are looking to download multiple anime series at once Shana Project is the best-suited website for it. Anime torrenting is still a small niche so most free anime streaming websites do not focus much on downloading time, something which is become the USP of Shana Project.

Shana Project has categorized its content accurately which makes it easier for a user to find their favorite anime.

You can use the website without signing up as well, however, if you sign up you can save the progress in anime seasons while also bookmarking your favorite anime. 


Shana Project Overview
Prominent Features Intuitive UI; Plenty of seeders; Client setup instructions; Automated anime downloads.
Registration  Not required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs None available.
Visit Shana Project



BakaBT Homepage

BakaBT offers you a chance to interact with die-hard anime fans and also stream anime content for free on the same platform. It is like a secretive portal to an entirely new anime universe.

BakaBT users claim that after using this free anime streaming website they had a completely different experience which changed their perception about anime watching.

But hey don’t my word for it, log on to BakaBT and find out yourself. For doing so you will need an invite from the website administrators after which they will conduct an interview as the website takes pride in being a secretive anime organization.

To join, you need IRC, BakaBT currently has two channels: #BakaBT and #bakabt-support. Being an anime fan myself I certainly find this exciting.


BakaBT Overview
Unique Features Made by die-hard anime fans; Restricted community; Rarest anime content; 90,000+ users.
Registration  Required.
Availability Available worldwide.
Mirror URLs None available.
Visit BakaBT



AnimeTosho Homepage

AnimeTosho does not have lots of anime content on its website in comparison to most of the anime streaming for free websites on this list. However, it still has a huge fanbase because along with anime downloading it also lets you download and read the latest manga series.

You will find most of the trending and latest anime series as well as manga series on AnimeTosho, the downloading speed is also fast.

Overall AnimeTosho is a decent website for anime streaming, however, you may not find some of the oldest anime on this website.


AnimeTosho Overview
Unique Features Niche anime torrent website; Manga series available; Provides subtitles.
Registration Not required.
Availability Available worldwide; Might be blocked by certain organizations, universities, or ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1
Visit AnimeTosho


HorribleSubs homepage

For a true anime fan, who wishes to know about upcoming releases and future anime plans HorribleSubs is the website you should have bookmarked. 

Along with being an anime streaming for a free website, HorribleSubs also provides frequent updates about the latest shows and the latest manga’s which are about to releases.

Overall, in my opinion, if you are looking for additional benefits of interacting with anime fans, get the latest news on future anime and manga series along with streaming anime for free HorribleSubs is the best-suited option.


HorribleSubs Overview
Unique Features Easy to navigate; Helpful tagging system; latest news on anime and manga series.
Registration Not required.
Availability Blocked in certain countries and by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3.
Visit HorribleSubs



Nyaa homepage

When it comes to torrenting websites, Nyaa is regarded as one of the best torrent websites. It has been around for a while and temporarily had stopped its services.

But Nyaa is back to dominate the torrenting sector. In the newest update the website has added plenty more anime streaming content to its already existing giant anime database.

The homepage of Nyaa is straight to the point that displays all contest based on the latest updates. You can search for your favorite anime in the search option.

The free anime streaming link in Nyaa shows you the file size, downloading options, number of seeders and leechers.


Nyaa Overview
Unique Features Filtering options; Massive library of healthy torrents; High server count;Fast loading website
Registration  Not required.
Availability Blocked in certain countries and by individual ISPs.
Mirror URLs Mirror 1, Mirror 2.
Visit Nyaa



Kickass-torrents homepage

A pretty generic movie torrenting website, Katcr or kickass torrents is one of those torrent websites which is always available as an option.

It has a decent amount of free anime streaming links, hence I added Katcr on this list.

Overall the website has a fair share of benefits like category, sub-category and dedicates sections, but occasionally the website lags as well.


Katcr Overview
Best Features Simple and clean UI; Dedicated section for different category of torrents
Types of Content anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Availability Targeted by individual ISPs.
Visit katcr.co
Mirror URL Not Available
Registration Not Required



SeedPeer-Torrent homepage

Originally known as MegaNova one of the oldest and popular torrenting websites, Seedpeer is the newer and updated version of MegaNova.

It has improved on some important attributes and comes with loads of anime streaming for free links.

I personally liked the new look of Seedpeer, and when I asked my fellow torrenters they too loved the website which is why I have added it to the list of best kissanime alternatives. 


Seedpeer Overview
Best Features Advanced filtering options; A decade-old torrent website
Types of Content Movies, TV shows, games, applications, music, books, anime, adult content.
Seedpeer URL URL
Availability Targeted by individual ISPs.
Mirror URL Link 1


And with that, I conclude my list of the best alternatives to kissanime. If you still need more options here is a link to a few more websites to stream anime for free

Pro Tip: Visiting torrent or free streaming websites is not exactly a safe option, you run the risk of leaving your device vulnerable to malware and viruses. Some URLs are made by hackers to get your details.

 The best option to avoid running such risks is installing a VPN. I strongly recommend NordVPN if you decide to go with one. I will link it down below, you can get a 70% discount if you register here.

NordVPN offer

It is better to spare a few dollars rather than have your device hacked or infected with malware.

***Please note: Geekymint and the author are by no means associated by any of the websites mentioned above, this article is solely for educational purposes.***



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