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4 Israeli Start-ups to be presented in front of a member of the British Royal Family

In the first ever official visit to the country of Israel by an esteemed dignitary of the British Royal family, the schedule of Prince William, includes him reviewing as many as four Israeli start-ups and as per the schedule, these start-ups would have their technology demonstrated to him during his visit to Israel later in the week.

The meeting is all set to be conducted on this coming Tuesday, June 26th at the residence of the British Ambassador of Israel in Ramat Gan. This meeting would not have been possible had it not been for the efforts of the British Embassy Israel’s UK Israel Tech Hub.

The four companies chosen to present their technology to Prince William are mainly focused on the social impact and education sector. However, according to well-known sources close to the embassy, they say that the main aim of this presentation is to display the potential of Israeli Technology to the British Royal Family, with Prince Harry having no plans of investing.

The companies presenting to Prince Harry are listed below,

  1. ReWalk Robotics Ltd.(Nasdaq: RWLK).

This is a start-up that develops, markets and manufactures wearable robot skeletons for individuals with spinal injuries. The robot skeleton is programmed in such a way that it enables a wearer to perform basic movements like walking, standing and ascending and descending staircases.


  1. Orcam by Mobileye Founded by the joint efforts of Prof. Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram. Orcam’s MyEye 2.0 developed was also one of the start-ups presented to Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma during his visit to Israel back in May 2018. Basically, the company manufactures an accessory device for the visually impaired, blind, and those with reading difficulties. The product consists of a wireless unit consisting of a miniature processor and camera connected to reading glasses and sunglasses via a magnet. The device enables a user to read texts and identify colors and faces. The main aim of this company is to provide independence through artificial intelligence.
  1. MyndLift was co-founded by CEO Aziz Kaddan. The company focusses on manufacturing interactive games for children and teenagers with attention and concentration disabilities, according to the company they claim that the games help these impaired children by improving their ability to concentrate.
  1. AlgoBrix is a company that develops a programming game for educating the masses of the fundamentals of robotics and programming to children using Lego cubes with smart capabilities.



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