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5 of the best rabbit alternatives in 2020 (Free) 

Watching movies, shows, and videos with loved ones is always memorable but if you are not together then you should check out this list of best rabbit alternatives. You can watch content with your loved ones on your laptop or mobile device with these alternatives to rabbit and never feel alone. 



Twoseven is a perfect alternative to rabbit for watching movies and videos with your loved ones when you are not together with them. Twoseven comes with auto sync and connecting to your loved ones is very simple. 

Twoseven is a good rabbit alternative as it supports popular streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more. The platform is built to have low latency time which makes watching movies with your loved ones seamless.

Twoseven also comes with a chrome extension which makes it one of the best rabbit alternatives in this list. 

Pros  of Twoseven

  • Chrome extension available
  • Low latency time 
  • Chat with loved ones
  • Webcam

Cons of Twoseven

  • Users cant send audio messages

My Review of Twoseven

The tons of features in Twoseven makes it one of the best rabbit alternatives in this list. The low latency makes the movie watching with friends and family seamlessly. The best part of Twoseven is that the platform is free to use and you don’t have to pay for its service which makes it a perfect alternative to rabbit. 

My Rating of Twoseven

4.8 stars out of 5

Website: https://twoseven.xyz/



Metastream is also a good alternative to rabbit manly because of its seamless sync technology. The company has built a technology proprietary technology that is seamless when multiple people are using the platfrom to watch movies and shows. 

Metastream comes with zero latency that makes one of the best rabbit alternatives in 2020. The platfrom is free to use make it more desirable for you to connect with your loved ones.

Metasteam has made the movie viewing experience with your loved ones to easy that you would feel you are sitting right next to them. 

The few things missing in Metastream which was present in Rabbit is webcam and audio feature. 

Pros of Metastream

  • Sync with ease
  • Zero-latency
  • Chatbox available 
  • Can connect with popular streaming service providers

Cons of Metastream

  • Users cant send audio messages
  • Webcam feature not available 
  • No Chrome plugin

My Review of Metastream

Metastram is a good alternative to Rabbit but does not come with all the feature like webcam and audio connectivity is not supported. Metasteam comes with good sync technology and also has zero latency. These features make watching movies and show with friends and family very easy. 

My Rating of Metastream

4 out of 5 stars

Website: https://getmetastream.com/



Watch2geather the perfect name to watch movies and shows with your loved one. Watching movies with your loved ones is a memorable experience. Watch2gether made it on the list of best rabbit alternatives mainly due not only because you can watch movies with your loved ones but also do online shopping with them.

The platform supports Amazon prime video, Youtube, and Sound cloud but does not support Netflix and Hulu which is a major drawback. If you are looking to watch Netflix with your loved ones then you can look for other rabbit alternatives in this list. 

Pros  of Watch2gether

  • Can watch Youtube, SoundCloud, and Amazon Prime Video
  • Chat feature available
  • Good sync quality

Cons of Watch2gether

  • No webcam
  • No audio chat
  • Cannot connect Netflix

My Review of Watch2gether

I love to watch movies on Netflix but Watch2geather does not support it. If you are looking for rabbit alternatives that can where you can watch Netflix and other popular streaming services then check out this list of best rabbit alternatives.

My Rating of Watch2gether

3.8 out of 5 stars

Website: https://www.watch2gether.com/


anime party

All you anime fans would love using AnimeParty to watch your favorite shows and movies with your Anime partner.  AnimeParty has to be the best rabbit alternative in this list to watch anime. 

AnimeParty is dedicated to animes so if you want to watch Netflix and other popular streaming services Anime party would not able to cater to your requirements. 

The best feature of AnimeParty is that it has anime content in its library which makes it very desirable by Anime fans.

Pros of AnimeParty

  • Best for watching Anime
  • Group chat
  • Comes with its own Anime content

Cons of AnimeParty

  • Does not have a webcam
  • Does not come with audio
  • Only for Anime content 

My Review of  AnimeParty

I’m a big anime lover and I love using Anime party as rabbit alternative. If you are looking to just watch anime with you, friends, then Anime party is the best rabbit alternative in this list

My Rating of AnimeParty

4.5 out of 5 stars

Website: https://animeparty.xyz/



Rave is the last best rabbit alternatives in this list. Don’t go by its name the platform works well for watching movies together on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other popular streaming services. 

The platform also supports streaming from Google drive, Daily motion, and Youtube. Rave is seamless when it comes to sync technology and makes the movie-watching experience together even better.

The platfrom has its own application google play store and apple store which is the reason why many of the users are switching to this rabbit alternative.  

Pros of Rave

  • Mobile friendly
  • Audio chat
  • Text chat 
  • Best for mobile viewers
  • Can also connect google drive along with popular movie streaming services

Cons of Rave

  • Does not support video chat

My Review of Rave

One of the best alternatives to rabbit to watch content together on your mobile devices. The app is good and connects seamlessly to the other user without much lag. I would hight recommend Rave as a rabbit alternative that comes with a ton of features and is also mobile-friendly.

My Rating of Rave

4.7 out of 5 stars

App: Android, iOS


If you are looking to watch together with your loved ones without being together physically then chek of this list of best rabbit alternatives in 2020. If you have found a good alternative to rabbit then you can drop us a comment below and we would love to add it to the list


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