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A Quick Guide to Understanding IP Geolocation API

If you are associated with digital marketing and do not know what IP Geolocation API is, you are missing something unimaginably important. In today’s world, not knowing about the location of your online potential customers may dent your business. IP Geolocation is a process by which the location of a user is obtained through the internet protocol of the device used. And in order to locate a user, IP geolocation API helps greatly. 

Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of a device connected to the Internet. Geolocation data provided by IP Geolocation API also includes phone and dialing prefixes with country codes – making click or tap to call that much easier.

To talk about sources that deliver providers of IP geolocation API with data. One of the biggest sources is regional internet registries (RIRs). Being non profit organizations, they deliver and regulate the data used by IP geolocation API. Similarly, using a browser, when users agree to share their locations, it is also a benignant source of data. 

Practical implications

For companies that operate online, it is essential to have knowledge about their customers. It helps them to come up with changes that will facilitate users because companies pay great heed to not allow their customers have a bad experience with them. Also, IP geolocation API permits companies to stay secure and not allow any doubtful activity because knowing the IP address of an email sender and information provided by IP geolocation API enables companies to decide if the email is from a doubtful source or not. Another advantage of IP geolocation APIs is that companies can decide to allow users from a specific location to view their products which means they can control what the visitors should see and what they should not. 

Knowing what IP geolocation API is and how it benefits users, it is significant to know which IP geolocation API you should go for. Considering this, before choosing one, you must know how accurate it is when it comes to providing knowledge related to countries, states and cities. Secondly, the area within which it operates must be known too, for it might not be as vast as you expected. And at times companies do not show the exact coordinates of a user’s device; using GPS coordinates, they just come up with a general location which may cause decisions that will not have any impact. 

Overall, IP geolocation API produces some great results. Companies that rely heavily on online business, to them, the technology is almost indispensable. Although it produces satisfying results, still there is room for improvement to provide users with more accurate results. These improvements will have an unbelievable contribution to online businesses.


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