An Advanced Technology Center to be set up by Ola in San Francisco Bay Area

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An Advanced Technology Center to be set up by Ola in San Francisco Bay Area

Ola announced that it will be setting up an advanced technology center in the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking to hire around 150 engineers, the primary focus of the advanced technology center will be on developing next-generation technologies in electric, connected and autonomous vehicles. With the objective of accelerating the company’s ambitions across electric mobility and connected vehicles, the center will build cutting-edge technology solutions. This will also help the company in futuristic experiments like autonomous vehicles.

In a statement Ankit Bhati, the co-founder and CTO of Ola said, “The Valley and the talent ecosystem here are very conducive to the development of next-generation mobility solutions. This is also a big step in our journey as a global mobility player, with a mission that talent from around the world is inspired to join us on.”

Bhati further added, “The Advanced Technology Centre will be the center-point of transformative mobility technology in the time to come. We are committed to building world-class mobility innovations and look forward to working with people who are as passionate as we are about building mobility for a billion people.”

The biggest motivation for Bhavish Agarwal, who started Ola 8 years ago, is the ability to create a large-scale impact.

According to Bhavish Agarwal “That has been the driving force for us — changing and improving people’s lives. Mobility and transportation are the core needs for everybody and that is where a lot of money goes into. Our core focus has always been on how we can build the future of transportation by adopting modern technologies to create a much better experience for everybody involved.”

Ola claims to be serving over 150 million users, wrapping up around a billion of rides annually. The company serves over 150 cities across India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The team that will be working at the technology center in the Bay Area will join forces with various global teams, in areas where Ola operates. The team hasn’t confirmed a timeline as of now. Ola will be looking for talent across technology, product and most importantly in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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