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Because of the pandemic, more people are working from home. This applies to a lot of business models and jobs, from commerce to telecommunications adapted and became home-based. Even creative jobs like design, animation, and 3D modeling became home-based for a lot of companies.

A problem with the latter is that they often use the equipment provided to them in their base of operations. Working from home meant that they needed to get the proper hardware. This is where the Lenovo Creator 5i steps in.

With the demand for PCs increasing during the pandemic, it can be easy to miss this amazing piece of equipment in your rush to get a device for yourself. To know what you’re missing out on by not getting this device, here’s a quick guide on the Lenovo Creator 5.


What makes this laptop a great one for creatives is that it has an amazing display. It has what most people are calling an immaculate display because of how clear it is. This is thanks to the 100% Adobe RBG system that it has.

It ensures that the device produces vivid colors. The color quality that comes out is much sharper than those that most devices showcase. This is an essential quality for creatives since it ensures your project comes out as you intend it to look.

This is important for digital artists since color won’t be the same on different screens. If your device doesn’t have the best display, your colors may look washed out for other people on their displays. 

The Lenovo Creator 5i laptop showcases these through a 15.6-inch FHD display. It also has a 1920×1080 resolution. These combined means that you’ll have a crisp, clear display on whatever you’re working on. 

This is an important quality to have on a laptop if you’re into video editing. Having a decent display with a good enough resolution means you can see the finer points of what you’re working on. This allows you to see every detail that you need to edit out when working on your projects.


The Lenovo Creator 5i has the 10th Generation of Intel Cores installed by default. It has 4 i5-10300H processors, which are among the top-performing CPU nowadays. With 4 cores present in the device, it ensures that the device is going to be a powerhouse for whatever purpose you have in mind for it.

On its own, it’s powerful enough to process even the most intense of programs. Again, this works well for the benefit of creatives who are looking to use a laptop as a workstation. This is because most of the programs used for 3D rendering and video editing have high demands for processing power.

This processor alone is enough to ensure that the device can run them with ease. It’s even more important that this is the case because you often run multiple programs at once. 

With the 8 threads that the cores have, it shouldn’t be a problem to run multiple concurrent programs. It makes for the perfect setup for intense video production or gaming. 

Speaking of gaming, this device should be enough for you to join the live streaming trend. With streaming programs taking up a lot of processing power, low-end laptops can’t execute the program and the game at once. 


Lenovo Creator 5i laptops come with a GTX 1650 GDDR6 graphics card. This is a dedicated video card, which means that it won’t get damaged if the CPU will, like with integrated video cards. This is an important consideration since the CPUs of Lenovo Creator 5i laptops run hot.

The Nvidia GeForce graphics card allows it to process what it needs to display. With this power GPU, you won’t experience any broken textures and even frame rate drops while you’re using the device.

This makes it the ideal device when watching movies or testing out videos. For video production, this ensures the quality of your final output. You don’t want your final output to have tears or compromised bits when you showcase it.

This also allows you to run the most demanding games in the market today. The latest Triple-A games will require the best GPUs to run smoothly. The laptop allows you to play your games on the go without worrying about the smoothness of your game getting compromised.


As with any device, storage plays an important role. Having enough storage ensures that you get to keep your files without needing to delete anything. When you’re going to use a device for work, a large storage space means that you need not compromise your precious files to make way for new ones.

The Lenovo Creator 5 boasts 265GB of storage by default. This is good enough to help you store tons of files without any issue. For video editing and 3D rendering, large storage space is essential as their files are also quite big. 

This is also enough space for you to store the most popular games in the market right now. As games become better, they often grow in size, too. With this space, you won’t have a problem storing your games, and the files that come with it.

This is subpar compared to Lenovo’s other dedicated gaming laptops. Check out their selection to find one that suits your needs.

If you need more space, what’s great is that you can upgrade the Levono Creator to hold more space. Upgraded models can hold up to 512GB with the added benefit of having an SSD storage drive. 

Further upgrades have more space. They can hold up to 1TB HDD along with an extra 512GB SSD. This ensures that you can hold your projects and files for a long time before you’ll need to delete them. 


Thanks to the dedicated GPU and the CPU installed in the device, you can expect it to deliver high-end performances. With the 8 thread cores mentioned above, you can run 8 demanding programs at the same time. With 8GB of RAM, you won’t have a problem switching between them.

This ensures a smooth workflow, resulting in increased productivity. As you can expect, this can cause the CPU to generate quite the amount of heat. However, the laptop doesn’t overheat or fry its CPU.

This is thanks to the integrated cooling system that it has. It vents the heat through the side, ensuring the device keeps cool through your tasks. This system is also responsible for the laptop’s quiet performance. 

If you’re using this for gaming, you’ll see that there are no screen tears whatsoever. This is thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate that the device holds as a standard. The display is smooth and prevents you from straining your eyes while using the laptop.

Battery Life

The Lenovo 5i boasts a 9.6 battery life on a full charge. This will depend on the processes that are running when you’re using the device, though. Even if you’re running demanding processes, though, you can expect the device to last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Where the device shines is in its rapid charging capabilities. At 0% charge, you can plug it in and expect it to have 80% after an hour. As long as you take care of the battery, you can expect this to be the case for its lifespan.

The rapid charge capability is an important feature nowadays. With more people working from home, companies expect their employees to be more productive. With how fast the device charges, you can go back to work in an instant.


As with most laptops nowadays, it has instant WiFi connectivity the moment you turn it on. It also has BlueTooth connectivity to allow connection with other devices.

Like most Lenovo devices, it runs on the latest Windows version. In this case, it runs on Windows 10. This means that you have support for most of the programs and applications on the Internet.

The best feature that this laptop has is the Lenovo Vantage. This service ensures that your device is at its best at all times. It will update your drivers for you when there’s a new version available online.

It also makes it easier for you to reach Lenovo support. This service has a dedicated portal for Lenovo users. You’ll have an agent at the ready for you whenever you have a problem to report.

Vantage also has a new suite of applications for you to discover. A lot of these programs help creators power their creativity to help with productivity.

Get Yourself a Lenovo Creator 5i Today

Getting yourself the best gear available in the market is essential for productivity. If you’re a creative at heart, then the Lenovo Creator 5i is for you. Know what it’s about with the guide above and get one for yourself today!

Do you want to know about the latest developments and trends in technology? Check out more of our posts to keep yourself updated on what’s hot and what’s new!  



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