Audi introduces a technology to help green light surfers

Audi introduces a technology to help green light surfers

It is quite a known fact that any clever driver can analyze the pedestrian walk signals and make a calculated guess as to when intersection traffic light will change from red to green, however Audi drivers can do something even better as the car manufacturer launched a new communications technology in large urban areas which allows Audi drivers to know how fast to drive to catch green lights without the need to stop.

Known as Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, the technology makes use of vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to recommend the ideal speed for drivers to reduce the number of times they must stop for lights and “surf a green wave.”

As per reports, the technology was launched by Audi back in 2016 in 13 markets, covering 4,700 intersections in areas including Dallas; Houston; Kansas City, Kan.; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; Washington; and northern Virginia. Having received a good response Audi extended the technology to four new areas: Denver; Gainesville, Fla.; Orlando; and White Plains, N.Y.

The technology receives information through the vehicle’s onboard 4G LTE data connection and functions through the Audi Connect Prime communications suite.

When a broadcasting traffic light is red, the vehicle’s head-up display or instrument cluster shows how much time is left for the signal changes to green. According to Audi. “the added information helps reduce driver stress.”
The technology debuted for the 2017 model year on the Audi Q7 and A4, expanded for the 2018 model year to the Q5 and A5, and for the 2019 model year to all Audi nameplates excluding the TT, R8, and A3.



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