Baidu, China’s leading search giant to launch a Blockchain Space game


Just a few days back, Baidu had announced its plan of launching a proprietary platform known as SuperChain and in its latest announcement, the Chinese search giant went on to reveal on Friday, June 8th  that it is launching a native blockchain game, which further displays its ambitions of diving into the world of Blockchain.

The game which has been duped as Du Yuzhou – which translates to “The Universe” is basically a game that illustrates a blockchain-powered space journey in which all users who would be participating would be eligible for receiving “elements” for the purpose of building their own planet.

Furthermore, it was revealed on the official website of the upcoming game that The elements would be quite similar to token rewards that are generated by a blockchain.

The official website also revealed that these “elements” would initially be available just through airdrops. As and when users would start assimilating more and more elements, they would then be eligible to build their own planet.

As a used starts growing their planet it would simultaneously increase its gravity to absorb more elements which would lead to unlocking more additional and appealing features.

Commenting on this announcement, a representative from Baidu revealed in an interview with CoinDesk that, through this innovative Blockchain Game the Chinese Search Giant aims to allow the users to experience features that could arise from cryptocurrency-like assets, rather than just simply doing trading.

The official statement published by Baidu states, “Du Yuzhou is not about launching another cryptocurrency, rather it is more like a digital society experiment.”

All thought, the company did not answer any further questions, like which blockchain would be used for this game, but it did mention that the app is all set to go live by the end of next week.

Also on Monday, June 4th, the chief scientist at Baidu’s blockchain arm, Xiao Wei announced the launch of the company’s SuperChain platform, which has been touted to be compatible with the bitcoin and Ethereum networks while also being able to scale and allow as many as 100,000 transactions per second.

Additionally, back in the first month of 2018 Baidu joined other tech giants in launching a blockchain-as-a-service platform.

Also back in May, Baidu also begin storing the revision histories of entries on Baidu Baike, its encyclopedia service similar to wikipedia– on a blockchain.



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