Bitcoin Skeptic loses his BTC wallet password says crypto investment is a bad idea

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Bitcoin Skeptic loses his BTC wallet password says crypto investment is a bad idea

Peter Schiff, who has an unpopular reputation in the cryptocurrency community is back at it yet again, in his latest skeptic comments on Bitcoin via a Twitter post the Gold Bug claimed that he has lost access to his Bitcoin wallet and that his password does not seem to work either.

Peter Schiff then further claimed that his BTC is now intrinsically worthless with no market value:

Schiff’s Tweet briefly said that he always believed that owning Bitcoin was a bad idea, which was worse than he expected.

Peter Schiff receives heat from the Crypto community

Several well-known figures in the cryptocurrency community were quick to pounce on Schiff in regards to his comments about how he loosed his assets. One such Cryptocurrency enthusiast was Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital. Pompliano commented on Schiff’s tweet asking the gold bug that did he forget his Bitcoin wallet password, Schiff’s reply was, “My wallet forgot my password.”

Showing genuine concern, Pompliano then requested Schiff to discuss the issue on personal mail:

Schiff did not look like he was happy for the voluntary assistance of Pompliano as he replied, “The wallet was created by Eric Voorhees on behalf of me and even he said that it is a lost cause now, but if you feel you can get it done, you are more than welcome to take a shot at it.”

Pessimism over Bitcoin Price

The Bitcoin community is well aware of Schiff’s pessimistic reviews not only about Bitcoin but all cryptocurrencies in general. On several occasions, Schiff has openly criticized the concept of cryptocurrencies. Back in November, on a Twitter debate, Schiff expressed his opinion as to how the price of BTC is on the verge of falling to $1000 to, ‘complete a pattern’.

In December Schiff was at it again as he said that while every other asset class will rise in 202 Bitcoin will be on the decline.

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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