Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest pledges $48 million for the bush fires 

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bush fire in Australia

Andrew Forrest, an Australian mining billionaire, has pledged $48 million to help in the aid of the recent bush fire. He is among the growing list of celebrities who have decided to donate money to stop the bush fires. 

 Andrews Forest founded Fortescue Metals Group which is the biggest miners of nickel, iron ore and Minara in the country. Andrew and his wife Nicola founded the Minderoo Foundation which donates money for philanthropic causes. 

According to Andrew, $6.9 million will go towards specialist volunteers from Western Australia and another $6.9 million would go into immediate relief funding. He also stated the rest of the funding would go into long term work of fire resilience for the country. 

The bush fires in Australia have been going on for months which has killed 27 people and over 500 million wild animals are assumed to be dead in New South whales alone. All over the country over a billion animals could be dead. The fires have also destroyed over 2600 homes in New South Whales.

Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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