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Considerations When Choosing Semi Truck Dash Cameras

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Dash Cams

The whole transportation market is changing worldwide, due to the advancement of technology. Use of dash cams in trucks is becoming increasingly popular as a safe investment.

Many truck companies or owners and even operators are considering choosing the best semi truck dash cameras to improve security and safety for the vehicles as well as drivers and also to ensure quality in driver performance. Otherwise, the company may not make good profits, and the fleet’s safety will be questionable.

The advantages of using semi truck dash cameras across fleets are obvious, but the main issue here is the challenge that comes with choosing the right semi-truck dash cameras. So, what should be put into consideration when selecting these semi-truck dash cameras?

Advantages of Installing Dash Cams

Every fleet owner has a good reason why they want to implement semi truck dash cameras. For instance, they may have paid a large sum of money for a claim where their driver was not at fault, or maybe they are dealing with safety issues. Semi truck dash cameras are supposed to refute false claims against your drivers and trucks with video evidence or maybe identify unsafe driving by the driver, for example.

When any fleet owner understands the many benefits of purchasing semi truck dash cameras and what they are going to achieve after installation, they will be able to assess the features and costs that fit best with their needs.

Product Features to Have and Use

There are many different types of semi truck dash cameras on the market. It is therefore essential for each fleet owner to understand all the features they want to have in the device so that they can avoid purchasing one that does not satisfy all their needs.

Some of the features include a website that is easy to use, dependable hardware, and easy access to recorded videos, which may show dangerous driving and accidents.

Management of Cameras

This is a very important consideration every truck owner should have in mind when choosing semi truck dash cameras. How will they manage their cameras and security over time? How will the camera data be used? How will the semi-truck dash cameras be used to support training for drivers? How do the cameras handle communication between drivers and managers or owners?

Eyeride io is an excellent website to visit to determine answers to these questions and purchase business truck surveillance systems, GPS tracking, and accessories for management for improving the profitability of any business where transportation is involved.

Types of Semi-Truck Dash Cameras

This is another important thing to have in mind when choosing a dash cam. What camera will work best for you? Is it affordable? The list below shows examples of types of semi-truck dash cameras you might want to choose from.

  • SD cameras – These are cameras that use an SD card to store footage. The manager or driver removes the SD card from the camera and plugs it into a laptop or computer to access the footage.
  • Connected cameras – This is a very unique type of camera that uses a cellular network to transmit data. This in turn gives managers access to the information they need.


Remember what you need to achieve after installing the cameras, the features the camera should have, how to manage the cameras after installation, and what type of semi-truck dash camera to install. You will have nailed it.



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