Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Smartphone

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Buying a smartphone is a task in itself. You cannot just go out and buy any smartphone available in the market. There are some factors which need to be given due consideration. So, here we are enlisting a few of these essential factors.   

Mobile carriers and plans

Are you looking for a new smartphone? Well, get set to be spoiled for choice. Before you get your credit card out to buy a phone online, you should look for the different phone plans providers by the several mobile providers. T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, all of them come with their variety of exciting offers. They provide excellent packages to the customers, including SMS, calls, and data. Daisy, an associate, offering online do my homework services, says that she recently bought a new Apple mobile, and simultaneously made a switch to Sprint from Verizon because of its better offers on Apple. 

Operating system

Naturally, you know that there are predominantly two types of operating systems that you can invest in – the iOS phone or the Android smartphone. However, in Android, there are further different versions of the Google software.

So, before you decide, you should know about the different versions available in the software. Better would be to at least examine the last two and the most popular Android versions, i.e., Android 10 and Android Pie. Both of them offer remarkable features and functions. The latest release in Android is the Android 10.

However, not all devices support Android 10. We would recommend that if you are buying an Android software, you should at least opt for Android Pie or the latest versions of it. Similarly, if you are purchasing an iPhone, we would recommend you to invest in iPhone 8 or above. 

Functionality and design

The primary decision point in selecting a smartphone is personal taste. It will influence your decision both in the case of software and outward appearance. Some people opt for a sinuous design and more rounded lines, while others enjoy a sturdier look, backed by metal edges and straight lines. With every new smartphone entering the market, there is some experimentation, particularly in the design. Typically the design of the phone relies much on its functionality. Donna, an executive with TFTH who offers assignment help services, online says that though she likes the metal unibody, she keeps away from it as it severely affects the functionality.

Well, yes, we do agree with Donna on that. The metal unibody will look both stylish and trendy, but it will prevent you from using vital features, such as a headphone jack or a microSD card.

So, before you buy a smartphone, you should thoroughly examine the quality of the phone. It will help you ensure whether you would be able to use it in the way that is most convenient and comfortable for you. 

Display and size of the phone

Anyone who likes receiving new updates or gets lost in the HD graphics of the latest Android games, we would want you to go for a smartphone, which comes with a display of at least 5.7 inches. On the other hand, people who use the smartphone mainly for reading Facebook posts or Whatsapp, a smaller screen would suffice. The two key technologies that you can find on display are AMOLED and LCD. One significant difference between the two displays is the projection of light. Theoretically speaking LCD screen happens to be brighter and displays better content when under direct sunlight.

On the other hand, the AMOLED display will yield a sharper contrast with more saturated colours. Harry, an associate tutor with FineGrades, says that in the present day and time, and with the arrival of several new technologies, the difference between LED and AMOLED is almost negligible. Having said that, QHD, Full HD+, or Full-HD resolutions are indeed impeccable. 

RAM and Processor

The processor is the hub of a device, which determines its overall performance. In some phones, the processor will also curtail the software updates. In all possible cases, Mediatek and Qualcomm chipsets are the safest bet that you can find.

However, Huawei, which has a Kirin processor, is also delivering excellent performance to the users. Joshua, who offers the best online python course, says that for him more than the processor, it is the RAM, which is crucial. Well, yes, the processor is essential, but for the processor to work adequately and for the phone to ensure multi-tasking without a lag, RAM is also an important consideration.  

Internal Storage

When you go phone shopping, you need to take into account both internal storage and RAM. However, go beyond the GBs mentioned on the sticker. Take a look at the space captured by the preinstalled applications. Of course, Android phones give you a luxury of using an external memory card, but in all cases, a larger internal memory is better than using external memory card. 

However, before you pick the phone models with 128 GB or 256 GB storage, consider the storage that you will actually end up using. Do you intend on using your phone as the external hard drive for your laptop, and save music files, heavy apps, or movies in it? If not, you can surely settle with a 64 GB smartphone. You can anyway make good use of the cloud services, and free up some space. As a general rule of thumb, a smartphone with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage is more than suitable for all.  

Battery life

Another essential feature that you need to consider when shopping for the smartphone is the phone’s battery life. Never be fooled by the higher mAh. A high mAh does not necessarily translate to longer battery life. There are different factors, which have an impact on the battery life of the phone. For instance, if you have a phone with a high screen resolution, it would consume more battery life.

However, if you go for smartphones that have later processors, they would always work their way to optimize battery life. The quick charging technology and the refresh rates are also two factors of consideration. However, in all cases, do not settle for anything lower than 4000 mAh.



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