Famisafe app review – the best screen time app

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The world today is a dark place to live in, especially for the children and the teenagers, who fail to understand the difference between black and white. They practically live off their Smartphone’s and will beg your pardon if you try telling them that a world exists beyond their mobile screens. 

In such desperate situations, you as a parent need to take desperate measures. You need to exert parental control upon them for the sake of their safety and that is where FamiSafe comes into the picture.

Developed by Wondershare Technology Corporate Limited, FamiSafe Parental Control App is one of its kinds. 

The primary objective of the app is to keep the children and teenagers safe by enabling screen time over their electronic devices.

If some of you are wondering, that exerting this sort of parental control is a invasion of privacy, then put those thoughts aside. This is because you need to know what your child/ children are engaging themselves with, and screen time is the only method to know their Smartphone activities.

Apart from this, screen time limits the kids’ mobile usage, which subsequently manages their time for studies, outdoor activities like exercise and/ or playing and most importantly human interaction with their family.

Reports suggest that children below the age of 5 should not be exposed to electronic screens. Even if you are not able to cut out the exposure completely, enabling screen time will at least put an end to your child’s excessive exposure to the screen. 

So, let’s have a look at how FamiSafe will make this possible.

FamiSafe comes with some outstanding features that range from tracking the time your ward is engaging themselves in their smart devices and applications that comes along with it, enabling you to set a screen time for them to letting you block certain applications partially or completely. 

~ FamiSafe will prepare a complete activity report of the devices that are connected through it. This report will comprise of all the details starting from the total screen time of the individual devices, which application has been accessed and for how long, and even which application was installed and was then deleted.

~ Need an application blocker? With the help of FamiSafe you will be able to block whichever app you want in your ward’s device(s).

~ Moreover, you will be able to track the time spend over each application and even limit the time.

Apart from these mainstream features, FamiSafe comes with some additional yet extraordinary features.

Parental Alerts 

This feature’s primary motive is to keep the parents up to date with their child’s activity over text and messages. If FamiSafe recognises any sort of suspicious activity on the devices it’s protecting, it will immediately let the guardian know. Whether it is over social media, or text messages or images being shared, FamiSafe is always alert to turn on the danger sign.

Web Content

Google has everything inside it, but that doesn’t mean your child should be engaging over every website he/she can come across. FamiSafe makes sure that every explicit website on the browser is automatically blocked and out of your wards reach. Moreover, it also keeps a list of the search results that are being deleted to let you know what your child is trying to hide. 

Family Locator

This feature is an excellent creation of the developers. With Family Locator you will able to gather your kid’s real time location. Moreover, the application will keep a complete report of the route your child has travelled to let you know where they were at which point of time. Last but not the least; you can set up red zones and green zones for your child. The red zones indicating the places that you consider unsafe for your child and the green zones indicating places that are safe. And if, your child somehow enters the red zones you would be the first one to know!

For those who are already reconsidering using the application because so much of features must come with an application that is way too complicated, don’t you worry because three simple steps is all you need to follow: 

Registration: Firstly, register to create a FamiSafe account. You can either carry out the registration from the screen time app, or from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, if you are an Android User or IOS user respectively. 

Install: Next, you need to install the Parental Control App and Location Tracker – FamiSafe from Google Play Store or Apple Store, on the parent device as well as the device that are to be kept under control.

Connect: Connect the devices from the dashboard and you are all set!

But, as the saying goes, good things come with good prices, to enjoy all these excellent features you need to subscribe to a plan of the application. FamiSafe comes with three plans: 

~ Monthly: Pay just $9.99 and unlock all these features for a month. With a monthly subscription you would be able connect up to 5 Smartphone’s on the network.

~ Quarterly: Pay a sum of $ 19.99 and all of these will be yours! With a quarterly subscription, you are eligible to connect 10 Smartphone’s on a go.

~ Yearly: Pay $59.99 yearly, and connect up to 30 phones on a single network!

But before you empty your pockets, you can enjoy a free 7 day trial! Moreover, the FamiSafe application comes with a money back guarantee as well. Not satisfied? Claim your money back.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today and never worry about your child’s safety!

If you are an Android user link on the link to download the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wondershare.famisafe

Or, if you are an IOS user this is your link to download the app:

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/famisafe-parental-control-app/id1385417904  .

Or, you can buy it on Amazon as well: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0876SHYGC 



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