Footwear you wear today might have been designed 900 years ago

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Twitter never ceases to amaze its user base, just when we thought we had seen it all, a Twitter user from India tweeted a picture of a sculpture from a 900-year-old ancient monument which shows the sculpture of a man wearing footwear similar to what we call a sandal in today’s day and age.

V Gopalan, an Indian resident posted pictures of 900-year-old sculptures from an ancient temple in the town of Avudayarkoil in Tamil Nadu, India on his Twitter account which went viral.

V Gopalan captioned his tweet, “Ancient Indian men were very fashionable centuries back! They were wearing sandals thousand years back – the same model which BATA INDIA sells today! Zoom in to the pictures to see the similarity! Avudayar Koil, TN #IndianHeritage”

Photo Credits: V Gopalan

In the images shared by V Gopalan, the design of the footwear portrayed by the sculpture in the 900-year-old temple bears resemblance with sandals sold in today’s market by the brand Bata.

And as usual, Twiteratti never lets us down, V Gopalan’s post took the Twitter world by storm and in the thread, another user posted pictures of ancient sculptures of women wearing stylish heels which are worn by women of today.

Pravesh Kanthed of India shared a picture in the thread captioning it, scandal wore by women 1400 years ago, “Wearing heels 1400 yrs back! Kailasanathar Temple, Kanchi.”

Hugo Stiglitz🇮🇳
Replying to @TheGopalan @LostTemple7
Some hundred years ago, Indian women were even using High heeled footwear. And the West thinks it’s their fashion statement

The thread went on to reveal many interesting pictures from ancient times.

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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