Great Coding Apps for Students

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Coding is an adventurous skill most students explore. Through coding, students learn various programming languages and learn how to design software and other essential applications. As it is one of the most demanded skills, every student should know the basics of coding. Currently, many software programs run on lines of code. Even runs on lines of code to appear the way it is. Therefore, you can realize why teachers should initiate courses that enable students to learn programming and design practical applications and programs. For you to enhance interaction with the digital world, coding skills are necessary. Therefore, to make the coding journey better and more comfortable for the student programmers and app developers, consider making applications crucial for learning different coding languages. In this piece, we shall consider a plethora of coding applications essential for the student who yearns to learn a lot in coding. Six of the best coding applications for students include: 

  • Daisy the Dinosaur

If you are a coding newbie, Daisy the Dinosaur is a go-for application. The application introduces you to a wide range of computer programming basics and builds up your coding foundation at the earliest stage. The app entails easy-to-use features that enable you to maneuver through it to your desired area of programming. It is a free application, and therefore, you don’t need to worry about spending an extra coin to gain knowledge. Daisy the Dinosaur has a friendly user interface where kids can animate Daisy to dance across the screen. Through the application, students can learn the essential programming basics such as loops, sequencing, objects, etc.      

  • Hopscotch

Simple coding techniques will help you grab ideas faster. It is one of the common approaches Hopscotch uses to build the desire of coding among students. The application enables children to create programs such as games in an interactive environment. Among the advanced features that bring more fun out of the application is program characters’ ability to collide. More surprisingly, you can control what happens on the application by moving or instituting commands to the device. For instance, you can shake or even shout at an iPad to manage several coding operations within the application. With Hopscotch, your kids will learn and enjoy the basics of coding and programming as a whole.   

  • Bee-Bot 

One of the most outstanding achievements from the TTS Group is the development of the Bee-Bot application. Many people rely on the application to ensure their kids develop a better programming approach at their tender age. With the application, kids can advance their skills in programming and directional languages. The application helps them grow their talent by supporting forward, backward, and left, right turns. The application is one of the best and generates fun while enabling students to learn more programming basics.    

  • Cargo-Bot

It is a beautiful game that enables its users to teach a robot to move crates. Cargo-Bot boasts a range of essential features, including eye-catching retina graphics, puzzles, a game involving programming with the possibility of sharing and recording some of the results you have achieved on YouTube. Therefore, the game introduces you to programming basics in a unique approach. Using the game application consistently helps grow your brain and making it fit for learning more about programming. 

  • Move The Turtle

One of the most educative applications supported on iPhone and iPad is the “Move The Turtle” application. With the application, users can learn the basics of computer programing. The application supports intuitive graphic commands that make the programming experience more comfortable and better for the user. In this application, a turtle will guide you through a typical step-wise approach to learning some programming fundamentals. The app supports a colorful environment that makes the coding experience at the newbie-level more encouraging. You can consider the application and expose your child to the latest coding experiences at the early stages.  

  • Tynker

With Tynker, you will have fun solving puzzles and also have a better coding experience. The application supports a beautiful user interface and enables one to drag and drop visual code blocks into the application. It also supports additional features that will give your kid a unique programming experience. It is one of the best applications that will turn your child into a better programmer at the later stages.  


Many applications are more useful for introducing your child to programming at a tender age. Both Android and iOS applications are suitable for that role. Therefore, the best application ideal for learning coding and programming should introduce some of the user’s basics. Such applications should also be interactive and generate an environment that will increase students’ morale in learning programming. The six applications are essential for any starter in programming. However, a range of other applications provides more generous support for anyone yearning to acquire coding skills. Consider all of them and enjoy a better programming experience. 



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