How Mobile Apps Are Taking the Gambling Industry to the Next Level

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This is the ultimate mobile casino apps case study that explains how smartphones have revolutionized the gambling industry.

After reading this article, you will learn the seven main benefits of mobile gambling and how casino operators take advantage of technological advances to change the way we gamble online. 

The key takeaway?

Gambling on mobile is the future of the casino industry, and we will teach you how to stay ahead of the trend and be prepared for the next technological wave.

Let’s get started.

How gambling apps are changing our behaviour 

When online gambling was first introduced nearly three decades ago, you could only gamble on your desktop computer. Therefore, you would have to wait until you got home to place a bet or spin the reels on slot machines.

After the smartphone was invented, operators have quickly realized the great potential of the new portable device. That’s when the casinos decided it’s time to optimize their websites for mobile, allowing users to gamble on the go from their mobile browsers.

However, the early versions of mobile devices weren’t too powerful for running complex casino games like live dealers or table games. Also, mobile data was quite expensive, so you wouldn’t have access to the internet every time (unless you wanted to pay hundreds of dollars for data).

Today, smartphones are mini-computers with immense processing power. They can run any casino game with ease and without consuming large amounts of internet data. 

Growing Popularity of Mobile Casinos: Reasons, Stats and Forecasts -  Marketedly

That means that anyone can access mobile casinos from anywhere. However, the ease of access made the gambling industry even more competitive, forcing most operators to invest in developing native mobile apps to stay ahead of their competition. 

Also, most gamblers we’ve surveyed said that they prefer downloading an app because it offers them an increased feeling of security, and they are better in terms of user experience.

The bottom line?

In less than three decades, online casinos went from a casual activity that you could enjoy on your computer at home to something that you can easily do on the go.

But is that a good thing? Since gamblers spend more time placing bets on mobile, the operators are happy about the success of smartphone apps. But for the players, it’s not exactly the best thing in the world since having no location restrictions makes them more likely to develop a gambling addiction.

Only time will tell if the evolution of technology is excellent for gamblers or not. 

From what we know so far, players enjoy using their mobile phones to gamble. The casino industry managed to change our behavior and make us play more by lifting the barriers that were restricting gambling from anywhere they want.

The advantages of mobile gambling

Since the casino industry has switched its focus to mobile app development, gambling on smartphones has become a great alternative to desktop casinos.

Here are the key advantages of casino apps:

Ease of access

Nowadays, virtually anyone has access to a smartphone connected to the internet. 

Since mobile devices are easy to carry around and don’t require any additional parts to function, they offer you access to a world of endless possibilities in the palm of your hand. 

Thus, you can easily access a casino platform and enjoy a gambling session from anywhere. Most gamblers prefer using their smartphone to place wagers while commuting to work or during a road trip. That’s possible because modern phones have similar features to desktop devices, making them the go-to gambling medium for most people.

Enhanced User Experience

Having a good User Experience is crucial for the success of gambling platforms.

The most popular casino sites invest a lot of money into developing a solid UX that will increase the time users spend on their platform.

Not long ago, operators could go away with creating a responsive website and converting their desktop version to deliver a high-quality experience to smartphone users. But things are moving fast, so having a mobile-friendly is no longer enough.

Mobile apps are the solution for long-term success. That’s because they offer an immersive experience that gives players a unique gambling session that is not available anywhere else. On the other hand, responsive websites are just a simplified version of the desktop site, making the UX a little clunky and dull.

Non-stop action

Do you remember the last time you left the house without your phone?

Probably not.

That’s precisely why mobile gambling apps are here to stay. You can literally place wagers from anywhere, as long as you have a strong internet connection. While online casinos are available 24/7, you can’t always have your computer with you. 

Installing the mobile app is the best way to make sure you won’t miss any bets or poker sessions. 

Thousands of games at your fingertips

Back in the day, casino developers were worried that the games wouldn’t look crisp on mobile.

Right now, your smartphone is probably just as powerful as your desktop device. Also, the technological advances allow game providers to optimize their games for mobile screens and deliver the same experience as on the computer.

From slot machines and poker to eSports betting and blackjack, you can easily access your favorite casino games straight from your mobile device without worrying about compatibility. 

Special bonuses for mobile

Reason for Special Offers by Casinos – Bet365 Bonus

Casino bonuses are great incentives to attract new players to join the platform. 

Nowadays, operators took their promotions to the next level. Many operators offer special smartphone promotions to encourage more players to download the mobile app.

 You will usually get a valuable bonus that can only be used by smartphone users.

While this may not sound like the most fantastic marketing strategy, it works like a charm. In fact, the pioneer of mobile-only bonuses, LeoVegas, has increased their app downloads by 200% shortly after releasing a special promotion for members that gamble on mobile.

So, if you want to get the most out of your mobile casino experience, head over to a site that rates smartphone deals, read some expert reviews, and grab a promotion that will boost your mobile gambling adventure.

Free play apps

Casino apps are not the only movers in the mobile gambling market.

The great thing about smartphones is that you get access to free casino apps that don’t require you to deposit anything to play. Even though you won’t make any money from free play apps, they are a great way to hone your gambling skills before you deposit on a real-money platform.

Increased player security

Smartphones are more secure than desktop devices. That’s because the Android and iOS application stores have strict requirements and restrict any apps that use exploits or aren’t regulated by an official gambling authority.

For maximum protection when gambling online, we recommend downloading the smartphone app of that casino (if available). The application stores guarantee that your identity is protected, and no third party will get access to your personal details.

Final thoughts – the future of gambling is near

The online gambling industry has evolved so much in the last few years that we find it hard to believe that we could only play on desktops ten years ago.

However, casino operators aren’t planning on stopping their expansion any time soon.

As technology continues to become more immersive, so will our gambling experience. We don’t know how we will gamble ten years from now, but we’re sure that we will laugh at the “primitive” ways to use online casinos.

Until then, we hope you enjoy gambling on mobile and take advantage of special smartphone promotions.

Good luck and remember to always gamble responsibly.



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