How to credit your HTML developer for code used

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Thinking about the terms that you offer to your employees. And sometimes you may notice that for them the work has become like an annoying routine and the reason for depression. So that your HTML developers are happy all the time, read this article and try to take all the information about how to credit them, into account.

To avoid such conclusions and worries, take note of the basic requirements that can be tacitly presented to the employee. Take a closer look at the working conditions and evaluate them point by point – this is the guarantee of your peace of mind for several years, and you should not close your eyes to this.

Hygiene and motivation

In the 1950s, researcher Frederick Herzberg examined the opinions and working conditions of 200 engineers and accountants in the United States. Based on the results of the survey, he deduced a theory called “Theory of two factors” – one of the widespread theories of employee satisfaction with their work.

So, there are two factors that affect satisfaction:

1. Hygienic: working conditions, level of wages, safety, etc.

2. Motivational: opportunity for achievement, recognition, responsibility, personal growth, promotion.

Given acceptable hygiene factors, employees will be happy with the workplace (that is, they will not be oppressed by them), but this will not contribute to their motivation in any way. Ensuring good motivation and job satisfaction requires the person to see meaning in their work.

The opposite situation is a tiny startup in a dark office without windows and any benefits, minimal control (since the founder is also a sales manager along the way) and, accordingly, a high degree of responsibility of each participant in the process for the success or failure of the company. The need for constant self-study makes the enterprise much more interesting and desirable for developers.

A fast-growing organization of 7 people chasing a ball around the office, shooting water pistols and understanding the need to learn language by language, and, moreover, with the highest quality, is less likely to lose an employee due to another offer with a salary 2 times higher: it is quite possible that in six months the salary here will be 4 times higher.

On the other hand, the working conditions are terrible: gray stuffy cabins, cables hanging from the ceiling, etc.

If you are the kind of person who looks at the clock a minute before the end of the working day, waiting for the moment when he will slam the door behind him, and looks forward to every vacation to lie on the beach of Costa Rica, you are probably confident in your future. (talking about carefree old age). But if you can afford to give your time for relatively little money in a so-so-so office because it’s so damn fun and has an uncertain chance of great success, or are starting your own project, you should know about 9 things that motivate programmers more than money and you can credit HTML developers in other way.

What are the ways to credit your developers for code used?

  • Excellent management

Excellent management in a company is a strong motivational factor. Encouraging independent thinking, quick decision-making a willingness to take responsibility for the team’s work and jump into the boiling oil to protect it are the traits of a good manager. If the leader is ready to stay up half the night in order to deal with the problem and prove that the path he has chosen is really the right one, he wants to believe and respect him.

The result is not only loyal and motivated employees, but also good software at the end.

  • Opportunity to learn new things

Human behavior studies have shown that employees are happier when they learn new things. Recent work from Columbia University demonstrates the willingness of the majority to refuse to raise wages by 20% if the work is more diversified and requires development.

  • Creativity and problem solving

Developers love challenges. Without them, we start checking emails when not needed, reading blogs, making coffee, checking which friends are online, participating in debates about the drawing that came out on the toast.

And at the same moment, somewhere nearby sits a programmer who did not sleep all night to find a solution to the problem, and did not ask to pay him the time spent. The best are passionate about their work.

Faced with the right form of reward and challenge, developers are looking for a solution; faced with a fixed reward, they argue about toast.

The right challenge is the one that teaches and makes you learn. For example: “Combine these 5 RSS feeds, customize the header display, figure out how to use AJAX to get it cool.” Bad example: “Fix the other guy’s code. We didn’t use it because we were afraid it would create problems in the system. It is obviously very poorly written, so we need to fix the bugs and generally make it good.”

If you can’t give a developer an interesting job, think again about how to do it. You have too little chance of learning later if you don’t start creating fun challenges right now.

  • Giving the right to vote

As a rule, if something is wrong in the system (or there are problems with the technical part at all), the developers will be the first to know about it. Worse, they are often the only ones. If you have good technical equipment, attention to the needs and complexities of programmers is not a priority, you can hardly expect them to work well.

If you have to clean up all temporary files every time to compile due to lack of disk space, this is infuriating. Therefore, listen to the requests of your subordinates.

  • Recognition

Like the engineers interviewed by Herzberg, developers strive to impress colleagues, and everyone around them with their work, at least those who understand the complexity of the work done.

Everyone wants to hear praise in order to work better. Find achievements and a reason for praise even for those who did not succeed in something and at first glance are not worthy of it: how great it will be to do everything perfectly and see admiration in the eyes of the bosses!

Even the most productive and proactive employee sooner or later runs out of efficiency and, looking at what is happening, give up.

What to do?

Praise. One of the best non-material ways to support a colleague or build bridges is with a kind and appropriate word on time.

Compliments are also necessary to maintain a positive company culture and create a motivating team atmosphere. Agree, if one of your colleagues noticed “how great you came up with everything”, your mood improves significantly, strength comes from somewhere, and things move uphill at a cosmic speed. Indeed, support is important and needed. It was noted that teams where employees praise each other, work faster, more efficiently, more creatively, are not afraid to suggest ideas, do not have conflicts, are focused on a common result, share experiences and are open to new projects.

How to praise? Where to begin? And are there any validated expressions?

I have prepared several motivating phrases for you that will help you in different work situations to credit developers.

If you want to really help a colleague, then add certainty to the praise. Indicate what exactly he did. Thus, you will show both your interest in the personal success of your colleague and an understanding of the importance of his work for the team.

Tip: try not to overdo it, point out the real victories of your colleague.

What phrases can you say:

  • You have done a great job
  • Superbly done
  • You’re doing great!
  • How great it turned out! 

Another phrase that you can say is “How well you came up with everything.”

Recognize a colleague’s authorship in accomplishing the task. Do not praise the very fact of the transformations, but point out that it is thanks to a certain person that everything has become much better.

Advice: do not do this often, otherwise you will provoke controversial views from colleagues or “star fever” in this person.

What phrases can you say:

  • This is your victory.
  • This is just what you need
  • I knew you could do it.
  • I completely trust your opinion and your taste.

You can also say: “It was DIFFICULT, but YOU did it.”

Imagine yourself in the place of a colleague and you will perfectly understand how important it is for others to understand how much work, effort and patience is behind the result. Emphasize the difficulty of the task that the colleague has overcome, point out their contribution, and maybe repeat it.

Advice: “Well done” – in this case, it will sound extremely disrespectful to the work of a colleague. Let’s give more detailed comments.

What phrases can you say:

  • I’m proud of you!
  • You’re doing everything right!
  • How do you do it!
  • I was sure that you would not fail.
  • Exactly!

Say: “You have something to teach.”

The status of “teacher” will not only express your respect, but also emphasize the importance of the activities of a colleague or leader. Point out his personal superpower.

Tip: clarify exactly what you learned from a colleague or supervisor. Otherwise, the praise will turn into a meaningless and, in part, pretentious set of words.

What phrases can you say:

  • We discovered something new for this project / company.
  • You did it very well (clarification). I feel your professionalism and experience!
  • You have great presentations! Always so bright and colorful. I am proud that you are on our team!
  • I know that I can always turn to you for advice.

And always remember that one negative phrase crosses out several good ones. Be respectful of your colleagues’ work, do not be afraid to pay attention to their achievements, and avoid conflicts at work. For example, you can even use such a life hack as notes of compliments – colleagues send messages of praise to each other or attach stickers to the desktop. Rereading about your achievements is one of the most effective ways to believe in yourself, to remember that such tasks were once solved. Well, at the same time, understand that your team is a dream team.



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