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How to Spy Your Spouse Text-Message in 2021

Do you want to check your spouse’s text messages without letting them know? 

Everyone wants to stay updated with their spouse’s life but can not ask them to show their text messages. Therefore, you can check here to use a phone tracking application that will show all their conversations from their smartphone.

These applications work by getting access to the device without touching the smartphone. Additionally, you do not need to have any technical knowledge to use them.

Here is everything you should about this process:

What is Phone Tracking? Can Beginners do it?

Phone tracking is an online process that helps people to track any device remotely. Usually, this process can be done without even touching the device. However, you may need to install software on an android device to use it.

The best part is- you do not need to install any application on your device. On top of that, there is no application involved in tracking an iPhone. Thus, it depends on the smartphone and the solution that you use to track the device.

Any person can track a phone with the right phone monitoring application. Beginners can easily get into someone’s phone if they can follow some simple instructions. Thus, there is no need to worry about the technical aspect of the method. 

You can use any application in the process. Here is our preferred platform to do it:


Minspy is the top-rated platform for phone monitoring purposes. Millions of people use Minspy’s website to read the conversations of their loved ones. You can easily verify a device on this platform and read its messages online. 

However, the website is not limited to messages as you can check someone’s location, browsing history, phone gallery, and much more. It requires one-time access to the smartphone to verify it. Thus, you must read it’s installation guide before trying to track someone’s activities with it.

Forbes and New York Times mentioned Minspy as the best application to keep track of your kids and loved ones. Thus, you can trust this solution to read your spouse’s text messages. Additionally, it has an encrypted server that protects your and your spouse’s privacy from third parties. 

Popular Features of Minspy to Read Text-Messages

As we mentioned earlier, Minspy has many features to help you get information from a smartphone. However, we will only cover the ones that help you read messages from your spouse’s smartphone in this article.

You can always check the full list from the official website of this application.

Here are some of the features to read messages with Minspy:

Messaging Spy: Messaging spy is the first choice of everyone to read someone’s messages. You can find this feature under the dashboard of your online account. Click on it and you can check the text messages from the SIM of that device. Additionally, you can filter those messages to get a better layout of all the conversations. 

WhatsApp Spy: WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. That is why Minspy offers a separate feature to track someone’s WhatsApp messages without letting them know. When you click on this feature, it will open their WhatsApp conversations on your web browser. You can easily read the messages and check the statuses of their application.

Instagram Monitor: More and more people are using Instagram now. This feature helps you check someone’s Instagram accounts without knowing the password. You can check all the accounts that are logged in on that smartphone. You can simply do it by tapping on the Instagram Spy option from the dashboard of your account. 

Keylogger: Keylogger is an advanced feature that helps you check every word that a person types on the device. It works by recording the keystrokes so that you can check them by filtering out messages, passwords, and other text. The best part is- You can even check the deleted messages with this feature. 

Stealth Mode: This feature is there to help you protect your identity from the targeted smartphone. It works in the background so that you can track any smartphone without letting the person know. You can not expect this feature from most of the phone monitoring applications.

How to Read Messages With Minspy

Follow these easy steps to read someone’s messages with this application:

  1. Register on Minspy

The first step is to create an account on this platform. You can do it by providing your name and email address on the given box. After that, verify your email address to create a password. Choose a membership for your account that suits your needs.

  1. Verify Your Spouse’s Phone

The next thing you need to do is verify the device that you want to target. If it is an Android device, you need to install a setup on the device. It contains all the instructions to provide access to that setup. On the other hand, an iPhone can be verified by entering its iCloud credentials on the given box.

Once you complete this step, it will take some time to complete the verification. Thus, you can wait at that time so that there is no problem in the future.

  1. Read the Messages

Now login back to your account and browse the dashboard section. There, you can find all the features that we discussed before. For example- you can click on WhatsApp spy to check the WhatsApp messages of the device. Similarly, you can click on Messaging Spy to view the text messages from that device.

The process is similar for other applications as well. If you have any doubt, you can check the demo version on its homepage.

Final Words

It is better to use a trusted platform to monitor your loved one’s activities. That is why Minspy is the best application for people with little to no technical knowledge. It provides an easy way to monitor different smartphones without rooting or jailbreak the device. 

We recommend going through its privacy policy to understand how it collects data. 


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