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With one of the most popular anime of arguably all-time Dragon Ball Super going off-air, the legendary series has managed to attract a lot of attention towards anime from all across the globe.

One of the most popular anime amongst hardcore anime fans is One Piece, the series has been going on from 1996 and has a loyal fan base.

Steins: Gate, Naruto: Shippuden, Cowboy BeBoy, Yu-Gi-Oh, code Grease, One Punch man are amongst the other most sought after popular anime.

However, most of these popular anime are usually not streamed in many European, South American and Asian countries. And even if they do stream they usually are in the Japanese language.

Coming to the rescue of all our geeky readers, below we have provided a list of the best websites to watch anime for free. homepage

Hands down the most popular destination for all popular animes. If you search for any anime to watch for free, you are most likely to come across in the first go itself. Once you visit the website you will undoubtedly be left awe-struct with the amount of anime this website has to offer. From arguably the most popular anime Dragon Ball Z Super to the longest-running anime of all time One Piece, has it all. is updated regularly with all the latest episodes and also has an option of watching English subbed anime for free which makes it one of the most popular websites for watching anime. It provides HD-quality anime with an option to download HD anime as well.
The only feature which bugs its users is that is filled with ads so expect a pop-up ad after almost every click. homepage is most used in Asian countries China and Japan and is slowly making its mark as a popular platform for watching popular anime for free, unlike most of its counterparts in this list, does not boast of huge list of old anime, however, it provides most of the latest popular anime with the best video quality.
If you are an avid manga reader and latest anime watcher would be the right platform for you. But if you are looking for older anime and English subbed anime to watch, do not worry we have listed many more anime websites in this list. homepage

This website bears a lot of resemblance to, similar to 9anime also has an easy to use interface and a plethora of popular anime options to choose from, as it allows users to watch anime for free it makes most of its earnings from ads so expect many ads to be displayed.
A unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the websites that provide anime for free is that it consists of popular anime dubbed in almost all languages which makes it a frequently visited website in Europe. homepage

Just like its name this free anime website promises to be a true treat for the true anime fan. It does not display many ads to you can browse through the list of anime in this website much more conveniently, another convenient feature is that has an option of translating the entire website in the language of your preference. A feature that would particularly appeal to manga readers as they get to read popular manga in the language of their preference. homepage

If you are looking for a website for watching popular anime for free which does not entangle a user in ads then you should definitely surf through this website. It does not have all of the popular anime nor does it feature dubbed anime content. However, it is the only ad-free website in this compilation of how to watch anime for free.

Chia-anime. tv homepage

If you wish to binge-watch an older anime series or download any popular anime series for free with HD video quality the is the most suited option. Unlike some of its counterparts in this list, it does not feature the latest anime, but it consists of almost all popular anime from the ’90s. One of its most liked features is its perfectly aligned user interface, category placement for anime movies, anime series, anime index, and Manga is aligned in a simple manner. Also when we surfed through this website we were left really pleased with the random anime options this website provided.

funimation homepage If safety is your main concern, then is the ideal website to watch popular anime for free. And when we say popular anime this website consists of some of the most sought after anime and anime movies which are really hard to find. Updates frequently with all the latest anime releases this is a website that would quickly become the first choice for anime fans.
However, for anime fans who wish to watch English subbed anime for free, you would have to look for another website on this list as charges for its premium version which has all the latest anime series and popular anime movies subbed in most of the languages.

And there it is, we have handpicked some of the best options as to how to watch anime for free, all the options on the list support all devices including Amazon firestick and iOS platform. Also if you are a movie geek and wish to watch movies and TV shows for free do check out the list we have compiled for 15 best free movies apps and website to download for 2020

***Please note that we are not associated with any of the websites on the above list and do not promote its usage, the information is strictly for educational purposes***

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- How to watch anime for free?

A-There are many websites like gogoanime and others that feature some of the best anime of all time to watch for free, I have listed some of the best websites to watch popular anime for free in this article.

Question- Is 9anime safe?

A- Streaming content illegally is an offense, but generally, the site will be banned or the content will be taken down from the site, I would strongly recommend using a VPN to mask your IP address before browsing for free anime sites.

Question- How to watch all episodes of Dragon Ball Super for free?

A- I have listed down the best websites which feature popular anime in this article if, like most anime fans you are wondering how to watch Dragon Ball super for free check the article, you will also find sites which have all episodes of Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Z episode 1 for free. 

Question- How to watch the latest episodes of One Piece with English subtitles?

A- 9anime uploads the latest episodes of One Piece weekly as it releases, the latest episodes of One Piece and other popular anime are available with english subtitles as well on 9anime. 

Question- Where can I watch the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 movie for free?

A- Some countries will not be airing the latest Dragon Ball Super: Broly 2 movie, however, sites like 9anime and gogoanime will feature the latest action-packed film as it releases.


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