KPMG report shows 41% of the World’s Tech leaders support the growth of Blockchain

KPMG report shows 41% of the World’s Tech leaders support the growth of Blockchain

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Ever since the beginning of 2019, the entire cryptocurrency space has witnessed some drastic changes as various established organizations like Banco Santander and JP Morgan dipping their toes into the cryptocurrency waters. As a result of which the Fin-tech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry has constantly been making headlines

The latest KPMG report published earlier in the week was further proof of the rising mainstream popularity of blockchain technology as it showed that 41% of tech leaders were in favor of adopting blockchain for business in the next three years.

KPMG specializes in tax and audit services, for the above-mentioned survey, the firm specifically collected responses from over 740 global leaders in the technology industry from 12 countries worldwide.

The field was supported by several protagonists and Damien Ducourty was one of them.

In a statement, the co-founder of B9lab, an organization that provides blockchain education and training, Ducourty, said,

“Incumbents can choose to be part of the potential transformation and shape the change or try and streamline their existing practices, he added. By doing both, it looks like many companies prefer to keep all their options open.”

However, after conducting a close analysis, the survey turned out to be more of a 50-50 affair as the numbers showed that 41% ticked on the “very likely/likely” option while 28% clicked on the “not likely/not at all likely” option.

Significantly 48% of the participants stated that the entire landscape of business could change in the next three years through the overall impact of blockchain technology.

Furthermore, the news of India’s IIM Calcutta starting to offer a financial blockchain program from May 2019 shows the growing acceptance of blockchain technology across industries. According to Prof Indranil Bose, the Program Director, he said,

“A vast majority of firms in the banking and financial sector believe that the lack of adequate FinTech talent is an existential threat to their future. Our FinTech programme, designed with today’s finance and management and professionals in mind, will leverage the deep research and consulting expertise of IIM Calcutta faculty and our state-of-art Finance Lab. We plan to equip and enable 2000 Fintech professionals in the years to follow.”

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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