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Latest Deepfake app posts your face in GIFs in seconds

Deepfake tech has gained recognition for all the wrong reasons back in the previous year, many apps leveraged deepfake tech and captured personal data and facial display of thousands of users.

Extreme measures were taken by social media giants, in an attempt to stop these malicious apps as one social media giant, Facebook went on to ban misleading deepfake apps from its platform.

Doublicat is one of the latest apps which is newly launched that uses deepfake technology and lets you upload your face into any GIF.

Doublicat claims to be one of the safest deepfake tech apps available for download on Android and iOS platforms for free.

Basically, Doublicat has a simple concept, click a selfie of yourself or your friends and select any GIF from the available GIFs in the app’s platform and within seconds the Doublicat app replaces the original GIF on the app with your face.  The deepfake app also has the option of directly sharing the GIF onto social media platforms like Instagram stories on Instagram feed. 

To swap your selfie in a GIF, Doublicat uses RefaceAI, a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), previously used in a face-swapping tool called Reflect (known for being used by Elon Musk).

According to the CEO of RefaceAI, unlike popular deepface apps like Zao, Doublicat does not depend on the 3D model of your face, as he said, 

In most of deepfakes, they use the approach that we put to rest more than a year ago. I’m talking here about 3D masks, face reconstruction, and texture blending. This solution can work only with previously collected and preprocessed content. And can be unstable in facial expressions and turns.”

For obvious reasons, following the pulsating data leaks from apps like Zao and FaceApp, I was not entirely convinced to even download Doublicat let alone use it. However, I felt secure after reading the app’s terms and conditions in which Doublicat mentions that it deletes the image of an individual right after the image is processed into a GIF. 

As seen on the Doublicat website, “The app processes the photos of people and deletes it right away. We store only face embeddings – vector representations of facial features – which we don’t share with anyone.”

In a recent announcement, RefaceAI has stated that it plans on releasing a face-swapping video app that uses deep fake tech within the coming months. 

Doublicat users have demanded an option to access their photos from the phone gallery to use in a GIF, however, RefaceAI is reportedly focussing on developing a face-swapping video app. Although it is a long shot as the company will have to pay close attention to what kind of videos it features on its platform as deepfake-based videos have been in the center of the controversy, with many countries calling for a ban on the use of deepfake technology. 

 Notably, Doublicat might have claimed the title of being the first app launched in 2020 which uses deepfake tech to swap faces, however major social media giants like Snapchat and TikTok are both reportedly experimenting with the idea to release the feature on their platform.

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