Mark Cuban made the most Mark Cuban investments as a billionaire

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Mark Cuban made the most Mark Cuban investments as a billionaire

There are wise billionaires, there are hard-working billionaires, there are generous billionaires, there are arrogant billionaires and then there’s Mark Cuban, arguably the one billionaire with whom the most of us could relate too. Through the show Shark Tank, Cuban who is an investor on the famous reality TV show showed us his vibrant and cheerful personality.
Mark Cuban is well and truly living the American Dream, he is known to do what he wants and does not listen to anyone. On one episode of Shark Tank, things got heated between the notorious billionaire and fellow billionaire Richard Branson and they ended up splashing water on each other’s face.
In the latest interview with the Ringer, Mark Cuban who currently has a fortune of $4.1billions said that he never in his wildest dreams thought that he would have amassed such a massive fortune, further stating, “And to be frank, you couldn’t spend it all.” showing the humble side in him.
When it comes to working people close to Cuban have mentioned how fierce he gets, he spares no one. However, when not at work, he is said to be one of the coolest billionaires on the block.
Doing the most Mark Cuban thing ever, when he officially became a billionaire on paperback in 1999 aged 41, the tech entrepreneur says that he did a naked “little billionaire dance”.
The owner of Dallas Mavericks achieved his billionaire status after he went on to sell along with his co-founders to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in stock back in 1999.
It was no fluke the timing for Cuban to cash in on his Yahoo shares either, Cuban sold his Yahoo shares for a reported 10-figure payday while the stock price was at an all-time high, valuing the company for a mammoth $125 billion back in 2000. Although within a year the dot-com bubble burst, which led t Yahoo’s stock price dropping to an all-time low.
In an interview with The New York Times Magazine following that event, Cuban said that he felt, “Truly in a different league”
So what do you buy when you become a billionaire?
Just like what a typical joe would do after reaching the “three-commas club”, Cuban called up his close pals and flew to Las Vegas, where all of us just drank ourselves into a stupor, according to the tech billionaire.
Cuban’s next big vacation after being a billionaire saw him taking a vacation to the Bahamas with his then-girlfriend, Tiffany Stewart, the couple eventually tied the knot in 2002 and currently are blessed with three children.
Cuban could not, however, stay aside from his true nature for long, in December 1999, Cuban truly showed off his billionaire status as he purchased a 24,000-square-foot French chateau-style mansion in the affluent Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, Texas for reportedly $13 million.
Cuban still resides in the $13 million mansions along with his family. The billionaire’s house has a spa, wet bars, pool, 10 bedrooms, and tennis courts on a seven-acre estate.
Cuban publicly confessed that he loves to boast about his mansion, in a statement back in 2000, the Dallas Mavericks owner said, “You open the door, and your house says a lot about you.”
The billionaire then went on the burst the internet back in 1999 as he followed his $13 million mansion purchase with the purchase of a private jet for a staggering $40 million.
And where did the tech billionaire make this purchase? Over the internet of course. Unknowingly setting a record in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest ever single e-commerce purchase.
According to Cuban, he purchased the Gulfstream’s V business Jet over Gulfstream’s website via e-mail before he had even laid his eyes in person over the jet.
Back in 2017, when Cuban was asked about his largest purchase over the internet, he said that it was his all-time goal with the most Cuban thing to say, “because the asset I value the most is time, and that bought me time.”
The billionaire did not stop his splurge of cash there, just weeks after breaking the internet for his purchase of a business jet, Cuban splashed a whopping $285 million for a majority stake in the Dallas Maverick. Significantly, over the course of the past two decades, this asset has massively grown in value financially as well as making Cuban a household name in the US.
As per Forbes Dallas Mavericks is valued at almost $2.3 billion, who won the NBA Championship under the ownership of Mark Cuban.
In one of his latest interviews with CNBC, Cuban admitted that he purchased majority stakes in Dallas Mavericks solely for the love of the game and never thought of it as an investment.
Back in 2000, after completing the purchase of Mavericks, Cuban said, “I am just a huge Mavericks fan and I have just been blessed and put in a position where I can contribute.”
As per reports, Cuban quickly splashed more money in the NBA team soon after purchasing the majority stake upgraded the arena’s Jumbotron, paying to install DVD players and TVs in each players’ stall in the team’s locker room, and also bought a new team plane (a $36 million Boeing 757).
Entering 2020, the tech billionaire is regularly featured on ABC’s Shark Tank where he makes many investments in several startups. The owner of Dallas Mavericks has quite versatile portfolios that includes owning media production company, 2929 Entertainment along with a healthy stake in Amazon, that according to the tech billionaire is currently worth over $1 billion.

In a recent interview with The Ringer, billionaire Cuban now aged 61 hinted that he would possibly buy several sports teams and “blow it all there.”
Reports have shown that the Shark Tank investor has also held discussions for buying multiple Major League Baseball teams, however, he has not found a suitable deal so far.
Saying one of the most Cuban quotes ever, back in 2020, Cuban told the Times that one best thing about being filthy rich is that, you can, “ do what you damn well please.”

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