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Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft Review

Reading NTFS drives on your Mac is quite easy, right? However, the obstacle appears when you try to write to the drive. This includes editing, renaming, deleting, moving, or creating files on the NTFS drives. How to troubleshoot the cross-platform incompatibility? An NTFS driver for Mac can solve the issue and this post will review Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft.

Functions of Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft

The NTFS driver of iBoysoft enables NTFS file system read-write compatibility on your Mac. You can download it free from here: https://iboysoft.com/ntfs-for-mac/.

Grant full read and write access to Windows NTFS drives

For NTFS drives, Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft grants full read and write access to Windows NTFS-formatted drive on Mac. That means you can edit, delete, add, and transfer files into the drive without any obstacles. Also, if you have Windows (BOOTCAMP) partition on your Mac, with this powerful tool, reading and writing to this partition become much easier. You can further seamlessly share files between the Windows partition and your Mac.

Mount NTFS drives in read-write mode

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft automatically mounts NTFS drives in read-write mode. After successfully launching the software, it will list all detected NTFS drives in the drop-down menu bar. At the same time, it mounts the NTFS disk in read-write mode for your use. The whole process would be convenient and seamless.  You can also uncheck the setting if you want.  

Repair file system errors on NTFS drives

This tool verifies and repairs the file system errors on your NTFS drives. When you click disk management in the drop-down menu bar, a Disk Management window will pop up and you can manage your drives like what you do with Disk Utility. If the NTFS drive is corrupted, you can click Check disk button to fix some minor file system errors on that disk and make it workable again.

Open, unmount, and erase NTFS drives

The NTFS driver also enables to open, unmount, and erase NTFS drives. If you have too many NTFS disks and volumes detected at the same time, you can choose to unmount some of them and only keep the ones you’d like to operate with. Very user-friendly, right? Also, it’s able to erase all previous files and write a new NTFS file system to your disk. This function can fix all the file system errors of your disk and give you a fresh empty one for new data.

Manage the disk 

For non- NTFS drives or volumes, it offers disk management. As you may notice, you can’t format your drive to NTFS on Mac. However, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is able to erase the non- NTFS drive into NTFS file system with one simple click, including HFS, HFS+, FAT32, and exFAT. You just need to select the disk, then click Erase to NTFS, and you can have an NTFS-formatted disk. This function can be a supplement to Disk Utility. 

Supported Mac OS and storage devices 

iBoysoft NTFS driver supports a wide range of Mac operating systems and storage devices.

It’s able to work with Mac operating system from OS X 10.8 to macOS 10.15. It also supports various storage devices, such as the external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, and memory sticks.

Customer support

Though there is no live chat on the program, you can still get customer support. For example, it has Online help in the drop-down menu bar and it offers rather informative solutions to various problems. On iBoysoft sites, you can find many how-to guides and online help manuals. Besides, you can send an email to the technical support if the Online help doesn’t solve your problem. 

Edition and price

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by iBoysoft comes out with a universal edition that costs $19.95 for a lifetime license per Mac. If you’d like the lifetime license with free upgrade, that would be $29.95. Overall, this software is very cost-effective and brings many benefits to you.

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