My experience buying a Phone in Australia

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Early this year, I began thinking that it was time I got myself a new phone. My trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 6 was quickly slowing down, and its battery life was degrading, all signs that it was ready to retire. So, I began researching on different devices to find my next new dreamy phone. Unfortunately, I was quickly reminded of how expensive phones have gotten these days. With phone manufacturers now using more advanced technologies, the absolute premium phones like the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 now cost well over $1000 or about the price of a good laptop. And as I am a student, there was no way I could spend that much on a new phone. That’s when one of my friends suggested I get a refurbished phone, specifically from Phonebot.

This wasn’t my first-time hearing about refurbished phones. But frankly speaking, I have never given them much thought. Perhaps it’s because I held all the typical misconceptions that most people do. For one, I equated refurbished devices to used phones. I also assumed that they had a shorter life span to brand new phones. However, after a bit of research, I realized how wrong I was. Heeding my friend’s advice, I looked into refurbished phones on Phonebot. I do, however, love being thorough. So, I also reviewed some competitor sites like Kogan, eBay, and JB Hi-Fi. Eventually, I settled on an iPhone SE 2020 and chose to get it from Phonebot. Here are some of the reasons I preferred to get my refurbished phone from Phonebot.

Competitor Comparison

Of Course, Phonebot is not the only refurbished phone dealer in Australia. However, I can certainly say it’s the absolute best. I reviewed three other retailers before I eventually settled on Phonebot, that is, eBay, Kogan, and JB Hi-Fi. Let me break down why I didn’t go for these sites.

To start, let’s look at JB Hi-Fi. JB Hi-Fi is a leading retailer specializing in consumer products, including electronic and music goods. The store has a great selection of products. However, I found the store a bit lacking when it came to its phone selection. Most of the smartphones offered on the platform are brand new. And at the moment, you can grab an iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, or iPhone 11 series only.

The next website I reviewed was eBay. Since its inception, eBay has established itself as an excellent platform for buying popular and hard-to-find devices. The main reason I chose not to shop at eBay was that I noticed that the prices were slightly higher than those at Phonebot. Besides, although the site offers a buyer protection policy, there’s still the risk of getting scammed. Also, sellers on eBay do not have a standardized grading system for their refurbished devices. Therefore, it’s harder to establish the exact condition of the phone. In addition, the descriptions can be misleading, especially if the phone is being sold by private sellers. Generally, I felt that buying my phone from eBay posed too many risks, even though some sellers offered pretty affordable deals. 

Kogan is a worthy contender to Phonebot. The retailer offers an extensive range of refurbished devices, just like Phonebot. However, I was not particularly pleased with its refurbished phones grading system, which differs from the industry standard. This means it is difficult to know which device you will get were you to order a Grade A or Grade B device. Furthermore, I felt a bit sceptical about the warranties offered, given that the marketplace features hundreds if not thousands of sellers. I also noticed that some sellers opted for drop-shipping, which meant that they did not stock their own products. This made me wonder whether they were actually aware of the condition and quality of their refurbished phones. 

Shopping Experience at Phonebot

My shopping experience at Phonebot was generally great. While the retailer has physical stores, I opted to buy my phone online. The website is very user-friendly and tracing the phone I wanted wasn’t much of a hustle. You can quickly search for your product via the search bar at the top of the site and filter the results based on different criteria. The phones were clearly labelled, and you can quickly know their prices, grade, and whether they are on sale or not even before you can view the more detailed description. 

I was particularly impressed with the delivery time. Since I went for Toll Priority, my phone arrived just two days after it had been dispatched. Best of all, I didn’t need to pay any extra fees for delivery. 

Product Review

I got my iPhone SE 2020 (64GB) Grade A device for only $479. A Grade B device with the same specs went for $399. The phone had minor scuffs that were only visible when the phone was on-hand. The phone came with a 12-months warranty. However, the retailer does offer an additional 6-month warranty for $99. My iPhone SE 2020 also came with a 5W USB power adapter, Tempered Glass Screen Protector and USB charging cable. So far, I have experienced no issues with my phone. It works just like new, leaving me confident that I will have it for years to come. 

The fact is, shopping for a budget phone does not have to come with compromises. With a refurbished device, you can get the exact specs you want and save tons on your purchase. If you do consider buying a refurbished smartphone, I can say with confidence that Phonebot is guaranteed to meet all your needs. Phonebot is a reputable dealer of refurbished phones, and this should surely give you the peace of mind you need. 



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