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My Hero Academia: Real identity of Dabi Endeavor revealed?

My Hero Academia has a very popular theory circling around that makes fans believe that Dabi is the elder son of Hero Endeavor named Touya Todoroki. So we decided to conduct a deeper analysis of this theory. Below in the article we have provided you with concrete facts that can prove that Dabi is Touya Todoroki elder son of Endeavor.

My Hero Academia was an instant hit among anime fans when it was first aired and after the school sports festival arc, Shoto Todoroki established a huge fan following. The back story shows that Shoto Todoroki has a very dark and sadistic past which makes him a very interesting character in My Hero Academia.

Todoroki is a very fierce individual who cannot stand the sight of being defeated and those are the traits he passes on to his son. But his children do not have a loving bond with him because he treats them very harshly and pushes them to extreme limits. Even his elder son Touya Todoroki has a very distant relationship with Shoto Todoroki.

Fire Quirk used by Dabi Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki

The anime and manga version of My Hero Academia shows that the genetics of parents plays an important role in the development of quirks in a child and most of the time quirks with similar variations are inherited from parents to children. Todoroki and Dabi Endeavor share a similar fire quirk with variations.

Endeavor has the ability to generate a powerful fire quirk with a yellow flame. Interestingly, Dabi uses the exact same quirk although he can use a way more powerful version than Endeavor with an increased temperature that turns the flames into blue from yellow. In the anime, Endeavor agrees that Touya’s fire quirk is much more powerful than his. And the fact that blue flame is way more powerful than yellow further confirms it.

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Eyes, Skin and Scars of Dabi Endeavor

To further prove that Dabi is the son of Shoto Todoroki let us compare their physical attributes. The color of Dabi’s eyes matches with Todoroki’s eye color. Then there is the ice quirk and weak skin that Todoroki has inherited from his mother. Dabi does not have the ice quirk however it is quite possible that he inherited the weak skin from his birth mother.

In an episode, we can clearly see that Endeavor has flames coming out of him, and in the aftermath, Dabi is left with scars of burning. To cover up the burnt area he has to staple his skin. This indicates that he has weak skin.

Dabi Endeavor and Touya Todoroki’s Hair Style

In a flashback episode, a picture of a young Endeavor is shown where he has the exact same hairstyle as a young Dabi. 

Now since it is anime, it is very common that two different characters can have the same hairstyle and not be siblings, however, Dabi and Todoroki share more than just the same hairstyle which indicates that they are indeed siblings.

Turning to Darkside

But why would Touya leave his home and join the villains under the alias of Dabi.

Just like Todoroki, Endeavor also wants his offspring to have a hybrid quirk so he joined the villains to find a wife with a different quirk. But after escaping from Shoto’s insane and inhumane training regime, Touya was shown a whole new perception of the world which is much more peaceful and does not involve battles. So Touya decided to join the league of villains under the alias of Dabi.

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Final Conclusion On Dabi’s identity

To begin with, how can Todoroki not recognize Dabi as his younger brother Touya Todoroki. The answer is pretty simple Todoroki was just a small child when his father decided to train him individually. So he does not have many memories with his brother.

Todoroki was kept far from his siblings so even Endeavor did not get to see him very often. And over the years’ Todoroki’s body and face is filled with scars which would make it very difficult for anyone from his past to recognize him

This is just an interesting fan theory but with the above facts, it is very likely that Kohei Horikoshi may end up revealing that Dabi is indeed the elder son of Touya Todoroki. Check out these anime streaming sites to watch the latest episode on My hero Academia and other popular anime. All let us know in the comment section what you think of this theory and which anime theory should we cover next.


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