Porsche confirms it would reproduce its limited edition 911 GT2 RS lost in ship sinking


German auto giant, Porsche would restart production of one of its limited edition iconic 911s. This move comes after the automaker lost 4 of the $300,000 cars at sea.

The German automaker will build only 1000 units of its 911 GT2 RS models. Around 2000 vehicles were onboard the Grande America container ship. The sank after it caught fire off the coast of France last week while it was on its way to Brazil.

The crew member on board Grande America escaped without any serious injuries. The German automaker lost in a total of 37 cars while the rest of them were Audi Models.

The automaker stopped building the supercar in February this year however Porsche confirmed that it would reproduce the four cars for their respective owners.

The automaker would resume the production for the 911 GT2 RS in Germany and the would schedule its delivery in this year.

Porsche sells its such limited edition models to most of its loyal customers. The 700hp vehicle set a car lap record at Germany’s Nurburgring Nordschleife in Sept. 2017. Lamborghini Aventador SV broke its record in July last year.


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