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Resoomer: Best Resoomer Alternatives for summarizing texts

About Resoomer

Resoomer helps in identifying the crucial parts from the text you’ve shared and downsizes it to give you a summary. It saves time and effort. It also helps you be more productive by summarizing texts in just a click.

Resoomer is a summarizing generator that:

-Detect the significant parts of your texts.

-Reduce the size of the text to summarize it for you.

-Does an analysis of your texts to highlight the important paragraphs for you to browse.

Here are some Resoomer alternatives for you to find the best suitable summarization generator tools:


A great Resoomer alternative is SMMRY which aims to help you in understanding a text in the most efficient manner. This Resoomer alternative does this mainly by downsizing your article only to the significant parts.

SMMRY does this by using its core algorithm to rank the sentence by importance; reorganize the article and focus on a topic using the keyword; by eliminating unnecessary examples, excessive clauses, and transition phrases.

The course algorithm works by:

Connect words with grammatical counterparts (eg. “City” and “cities”)

Calculate the frequency of each word in the given paragraph

Points are assigned to each word depending on the popularity

Identify which full stops show the end of a sentence (eg. (‘a.m.’ does not)

Divide the text into separate sentences

Rank sentences based on the total of their words’ point

Return X of the highest-ranked sentences in a chronological manner


SummarizeBot makes an excellent Resoomer alternative that has its AI and chatbot powered by Blockchain. The way this website works is that it analyzes a document, multimedia file, or weblink, detects the main ideas, and adds them into a short summary.

Share the information on Facebook Messenger or Slack with SummarizeBot which is AI-powered and get your result in no time. The artificial intelligence technology will process the data that is inputed in real-time and you can have your summary, the most significant keywords, and key phrases. Summarizing weblinks can completely make your web browsing more efficient and effective. When it comes to business, SummarizeBot will increase your productivity by giving the data a good structure by making abetter version of it.

These are the features of SummarizeBot:

A concise version of your document is generated by detecting the significant parts of the passage.

You can understand the content of your document in seconds with the help of only the important keywords.

Gain more information by going through the main extracted key fragment.

Choose the perfect size for your English summary

You can share, save, or download your summarized document for free.

What differentiates SummarizeBot from other summarizers is that it is free, it supports more than a 100 languages, it uses machine learning technologies, AI and Blockchain, summarizes image files, audio files, and almost any public weblink.

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Open Text Summarizer

The technique used by The Open Text Summarizer is an automatic text summarizing wherein a computer program summarizes the passage or document. Here, when the articles put into the computer, it returns the summarized or highlighted text. It is an open-source tool t used to summarize important articles and documents.

The computer program reads the text and detects which sentence is important and which isn’t. It links with Fedora, Ubuntu, and Linux distros. Open Text Summarizer is an online platform where you can easily analyze documents in almost 25 languages.

This is how the OTS works as a library and a command-line tool. AbiWord and KWord i.e word processors link to the library and the documents are summarized on the console through the command-line tool.

The program prints the summarized texts either as HTML or text. The significant sentences are highlighted in HTML. It summarizes texts in German, Spanish, Hebrew, English, Russian and more. You would definitely want this tool if you are looking to eliminate the XML file rule to support more languages.

Intellexer Summarizer

Intellexer Summarizer, creates a summary that will actually contain the central ideas of your texts. It assures to provide a remarkable summarization by providing different summary types. The site also provides a concept tree that gives you a better view of the article’s inner structure. There is also no limit to input document size.

Features of Intellexer Summarizer:

Summary of any format document

Summarization of professional quality

Manageable summary size

Supports PDF

Easy navigation

Text type auto-recognition

Provides summary types

Provides integration into Windows Explorer, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x, MS Word 2010, MS Outlook 2007, Windows Vista


Optimozor is a web app through which you can optimize and summarize courses, articles, documents, and notes automatically. Another premium benefit about Optimozor is that you can translate, correct and export essays to PDFs. It comes handy for students, professors, librarians, etc. The source code is available on GitHub.

Paper Digest

Paper Digest automatically creates a text summary with the help of AI and GPU. It brings accuracy to the auto-summarization with quick calculations as well. It is beneficial for readers, field experts, and non-experts.

The quick detection of key sentences saves time for the expert readers and for the non-specialist readers, it helps with the easy understanding of the text and also helps authors by producing outreach materials for their recent publications.

Powered by AI, Paper Digest can create a summary for the research paper provided. By providing the URL to a PDF file or a DOI (digital object identifier), it generates a bulleted summary of the given paper. However this only works with open access full-text articles that allow derivative generation. If it doesn’t work, it is either because the text isn’t available or the derivative generation isn’t allowed by the license.

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Summary Generator

Summarizing and paraphrasing are the most popular tools used in many fields, from academics to business. Summary Generator is basically a web app that lets you summarize a text within minutes. Simply copy and paste the text and get the summarized text.

WrapItUp – Text Summarizer

WrapItUp is an extremely easy tool that helps by compressing the paragraph to just the significant statements that include the key points that you need to know. It has a friendly and easy UI. The app is constantly coming up with modifications to make the user experience flawless. The app is available for use on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

Read more in less!

Synopsis AI

Powered by an AI engine, Synopsis detects and summarizes the content with the central idea from any raw text, HTML, or website via URL that is provided. However, you have to sign up to use its services which can also be done through GitHub.

Features of Synopsis AI:

Synopsis uses state of the art AI to reduce the paragraph to the core content

Can summarize HTML or text content

Uses the HTML structure as a sign of text significance

Uses various metrics to provide quality extractive summaries

Hosted by Saasif

It is also thoroughly tested and used in production

Open Text Summarizer Online

Open Text Summarizer Online is the web interface version of the Open Text Summarizer program. This version automatically does an analysis of the text and detects the important part of the text provided.

What makes is an excellent Resoomer alternative is that it can summarize texts in more than 30 languages, you can choose from summary or keywords, also provides an option for the summary ratio. It has an easy and friendly UI.

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