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Point of Sale (POS) systems are essential for simplifying the process of running a business. A powerful option, especially for large businesses, is Revel POS systems. This POS software includes numerous features, making it capable of handling your daily operations. Therefore, today we will look at this unique POS system and how it helps your business.

Revel POS Features for your business

Revel POS systems include a lot of useful features that are required for your business’ growth. All your business needs will be met with this excellent iPad POS system. With that in mind, here are some features that Revel’s POS systems can offer:

Financial Features

Revel’s POS system allows you to receive payments from your customers securely in a way that is convenient for them.

  • Payment flexibility: With Revel’s POS, you can split bills, create store credit, offer bar tabs, etc. 
  • EMV compliance: Revel’s payment processing is EMV compliant, which secures your data and that of your customers 
  • QuickBooks Integration: Revel integrates with QuickBooks for you to manage your finances and accounting in one place 

Customer Experience Features

Revel’s POS systems come fully loaded with numerous features to help improve your customers’ experiences. And these features are very important if you need to grow your business. So, here are some of Revel’s excellent customer experience features.

  • Revel assistant: This provides you with real-time support within your software to enable setup, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Online ordering: This helps to increase your customer base and revenue
  • Customer loyalty programs: Enables a rewards structure and the development of a customized loyalty program. 
  • Customer discounts: For offering simple, on-the-spot savings and happy hours
  • Gift card program: For boosting gifted referrals
  • Customer-facing display system: For an increased transactions speed 
  • Customer relationship management systems: This will help you gain customer insights and personalize your goods and services.
  • Revel POS: Allows you to monitor your customer relationship management through a dashboard within Revel’s POS software. 

Management Features

Revel is a full-service POS system that includes many tools and features to enable you to manage your daily operations.

  • Revel Insights: Provides data and visualizations on-the-go
  • Kitchen management: This enables the communication between front- and back-of-house 
  • Employee management: For permissions, roles, time tracking, overtime, and administrative paperwork 
  • Product management and menu building: Revel includes an in-app product list and menu building tailored to your business 
  • Ingredient-level inventory: To help you track your stock 
  • Reporting and analytics: Helps you to identify business trends and best-selling products. 
  • Enterprise management: Very useful for businesses with multiple store locations 

Point of Sale Processes

Revel’s POS system also includes these essentials:

  • Delivery management tools: This helps to increase your customer-base with delivery orders 
  • Always On Mode: Allows your Revel POS to operate through power outages and service disconnects. 
  • Cash payment tracking: To ensure that all your payments are accounted for 
  • Table management: To help organize your tables from making a reservation to receiving payment for a bill. 
  • Open API: Allows you to integrate with other third-party solutions and build a customized POS for your needs 
  • Security: It comes with PCI-compliant cloud technology and user access controls. 

Revel’s POS Pricing

Revel’s POS system includes numerous advanced features, which makes the pricing steep. They do not have any form of pricing information on their website. However, if you want to purchase their POS system, you will get a custom quote tailored to your needs.

Revel’s POS Pricing includes a starting fee of $99 per terminal every month for each store location with one register. If you need another register, it will cost you an additional $79 every month. For the third register, you will pay an extra $69 every month. And this means that if you own a business with three registers, you will have to pay a monthly charge of $267.

Furthermore, Revel’s POS system also includes some other charges. These charges are for add-on features like specialized hardware. If you need Revel’s POS e-commerce solution, you will pay an additional charge of $50 every month. If you need to access their open application programming interface (API), you will pay some additional fees.

Revel’s POS system does not include any free trial periods or annual plans. And you will have to contact their company for pricing. If you own a small business that is not a restaurant, you can take advantage of Revel’s in-house credit card processing. You will have to pay a rate of 10% and an additional 10 cents for every transaction.

However, these rates differ for larger businesses and restaurants or other food-related businesses. Revel’s POS also integrates with a couple of third-party credit card processors.

Revel POS Hardware Options

Revel POS systems allow you to choose from different hardware options to match your business needs. Many other POS providers do not give you this choice. They just include an all-in-one POS system for you. With Revel’s POS, you can choose to buy a scale, barcode scanner, cash drawer, printer, or any other hardware options for your business.

You can run Revel’s POS systems only on iPads, so you will have to get a compatible one. However, before getting an iPad for your Revel POS, you need to know that Revel is only compatible with Apple tablets. Also, you will need to buy a Revel payment device to receive electronic payments from your customers. 

Here is a list of compatible hardware options to the Revel website:

  • ID Tech SecureMag (IDRE Series)
  • Ingenico iSMP4
  • Ingenico iPP350
  • Infinea Tab M

If you want to purchase any of this hardware, you need to contact the company for a custom quote. They do not disclose prices for all these POS hardware devices.

With that said, once you purchase these hardware devices for your Revel POS, you can run the software. You will also have access to a customer display system. Additionally, you can implement a self-service kiosk and take mobile orders.

Why should you use the Revel POS System?

Now you know Revel POS system software features, pricing, and hardware. But, if you are still unsure if all your business needs will be met with the Revel POS system, you should look at user experiences. Perhaps learning what some users have to say will help convince you.

With that said, I recently perused through some Revel reviews posted online, and I can say that generally, Revel’s POS systems receive good reviews. Revel is rated about four stars on most websites. And some individual user reviews scored it a 5-star rating.

When it comes to positive customer reviews, many users said that Revel POS is user-friendly, easy to set up, and intuitive. Furthermore, many customers wrote on the overall functionality of the system. They mentioned how helpful it is with features like CRM, inventory, etc.

On the other hand, there were also a few negative Revel reviews on some websites. And some of them mentioned site technical issues. Others complained about a lack of support from Revel’s customer service team. Finally, a few reviewers also mentioned that customer service is not easy to access.

But generally speaking, Revel’s positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews. Most people like the fact that it is an iPad POS system. And this makes a business more sophisticated. Others dislike that it only runs on iOS. 


Revel POS is a powerful software with many useful capabilities to help you run and grow your business. It is an iPad POS system that allows you to make and receive payments from multiple store locations. And this makes it most-suited for large enterprises. In all, if you need POS software capable of handling all your business needs, you should try Revel.


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