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Reasons Why You Should Migrate to SharePoint Online

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Fresh industry users want tools that make them more productive and keep them engaged. Office 365 is referred to as one such tool which is continuously developing and expanding quickly, moving towards Microsoft’s vision of the one-stop online-productivity hub. Office 365 is a cloud environment set that comes with SharePoint Online giving leverage of working in a team and increasing the overall quality of the work efficiency. A recent development in the SharePoint platform is SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online has been adopted by a huge number of companies as it offers more flexibility and portability than the on-premises traditional method. Over the past few years, it has been seen that every company has either moved or is planning to move to the cloud, thus making SharePoint Migration to become the fastest-growing commercial service of Microsoft. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why we should start using SharePoint Online.

External user access management is much easier:

With SharePoint Online, allowing outside user access has become much easier. Users can share folders and every single document with anyone, who has a Microsoft Account linked to their corporate e-mail address. We can also create guest links, which allow read or edit approvals to be given without needing verification while allowing the guest links to be cancelled at any time.

Hybrid environment:

Some companies choose to use a hybrid cloud environment, in which extremely customized and secure data remain on-premises, while daily teamwork data needs to be moved to the cloud.

OneDrive for business and its importance:

OneDrive is a great place to create and store files. Using OneDrive, one can create a document and easily share it with internal and external teams to get ideas and feedback and make the necessary changes to the document if needed. Basically, this is your “My Documents” folder on the cloud. When a document is ready to broadcast, we have featured in OneDrive which allows the user to move or copy the document to a SharePoint team site for greater consumption. To make the most out of the cloud, business owners need to opt for SharePoint Online. For example, you need to do a SharePoint to Office 365 Migration, to enjoy all the latest features offered by the new platform.

Stay up to date all-time:

The online solution users are advantaged to get first updates on new announcements upgrades as compared to those who use traditional SharePoint On-Premises setup. Also, some features might not even be available for the on-premises version. So, it is highly advised to move to the cloud for all types of businesses.

Cost Control:

Many huge companies want flexible ways to bring teamwork and functions to more of their staff while decreasing the total cost of the infrastructure. The license-based SharePoint Online helps reduce these costs to a great extent. You could use low-cost, limited licenses for some roles in your company, based on the features you choose, you only pay for what you use, keeping the overall costs down. SharePoint Online migration is a big task that can bring lots of positive changes to the way companies to work together. Choose the right way to make the best out of this most crucial step.

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