Sonos files a lawsuit against Google for using its patented wireless speaker technology

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sonos wireless speakers

Sonos, a company that sells home speakers and wireless speakers, has filed a lawsuit against Google, an American technology giant for infringement of its patent.

Google and Amazon have been selling wireless home speakers which have created a lot of competition on Sonos

According to Sonos “The company has been working with Google for many years but Google has been copying its patented technology for many of its audio products”

According to the company, Google has not stopped producing its wireless speak that uses the company’s patented technology. Sonos has been left with no choice but to litigate the matter in order to protect its inventions and customers.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, the audio maker filed its lawsuit against Google in LA. In 2013, Sonos and Google had been working together on Google music streaming service and gained knowledge of Sonos patented technology.

The company also stated that Google not only copied its patented technology but also lowered the prices of its products.

Google’s smart speakers start from $35 while Sonos are priced at hundreds of dollars.

Google said in a statement that it would defend and dispute the claims made by the audio maker. Google also stated that Sonos decided to go ahead with the claim with a lawsuit rather than negotiating in good faith.

The company started selling speakers that made it easy for users to play music in different rooms. Google and Amazon started selling speakers for a lower price and took a major chunk of market share from the Sonos.

Sonos has decided not to file a lawsuit against Amazon. Amazon claims that multi-room music technology was developed by the company.

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Joel Picardo

Joel Picardo

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