“Technology is the second greatest gift of God”, as per Pinky Kekana

“Technology is the second greatest gift of God”, as per Pinky Kekana

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What Is technology? We could write a whole book about it and yet wouldn’t be able to describe the immense potential of it, Right from the time when electricity was produced to the first light bulb to the First Telephone Call made on March 10, 1876, by Alexander Graham Bell marks quite the significant historic feat in the world of technology.

Hence we couldn’t agree more by the recent comments made by South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Communications Pinky Kekana as she went on to state that technology is “a gift from God”, also going so far to term it as the second-greatest “God’s gifts”.

These comments were made by Kekana in her speech which she gave at the IBM Think Johannesburg 2018 conference held at the Kayalami Conference Centre a couple of days back on 20 June 2018.

Her statement reads as follows, “Technology is a gift from God. Other the gift of Life,  this is arguably the second greatest God’s gift to mankind. It is the mother of arts, civilizations, and sciences.”

Along with expressing her feelings for technology Kekana also went on to say that the South African government would soon be establishing a Digital Industrial Revolution Commission, with the civil society and private sector being added to it.

She concluded her speech by calling upon all attendees present at the conference to “raise their hands” if they are in favour of using technology to solve numerous issues.

A few of these issues are listed below:

  • Being there “at the time when technology starts to turn it around.”
  • Lending a hand to the SABC to broadcast digital content.
  • Being present when “ technology will help to sojourn the surge in cash in transit heists”.

Kekana then went on to state, “When it comes to seeing technology as an enabler rather than a threat, I would like to assure you that I openly accept the role of being the messenger in chief, as  I have agreed to be sent.”




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