Tips on Storing CBD Oil Tincture

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Science and technology are developing unstoppably. Medical discoveries and advances are changing the world for the better, making some diseases that have taken many lives earlier become curable or at least controlled. Pharmaceutical drugs have brought a lot of good, but this does not negate that they also have certain side effects.

For this reason, people are increasingly turning to natural methods of treatment. But they belong to alternative medicine, which is not always viewed favorably by experts. But some natural remedies are much more effective than conventional ones. Or at least improve their performance.

Cannabidiol meets all the above conditions. This derivative yields the best of hemp in the form of various products. Its tinctures are very easy to use, effective, and, most importantly, safe. Numerous studies have proven all of these claims. That is why hemp goods are definitely something you should have in the house.

Tinctures are made on an alcohol base. Since this compound acts as a preservative, the CBD extract will remain unchanged for a long time. Of course, all of this is valid provided you adhere to certain storage tips. If you follow them all, this product can last forever.  

Dosage tips, do’s and don’ts, and other useful information and great post to read about the CBD products should be visible on the manufacturer’s website.

Keep Original Package

Quality and original CBD products have packaging that will keep them fresh for a long time. That is why reputable manufacturers generally opt for glass bottles or jars. By special procedures, the contents are poured into them, and excess air is extracted. So, if you purchase any of these products, leave them in the original packaging.

But some brands opt for plastic bottles, as these packages are cheaper. These tinctures are more budget-friendly, but you have to be careful if you buy them. Plastic is not the best option to keep CBD after opening, as it’s permeable and can absorb moisture and smells. 

So the best thing you can do is to pour CBD tincture into a glass container. If you have to do that, make sure you label the jar with the potency, dosage, and expiration date. Opt for opaque glass, as it will prevent the influence of heat and light on the tincture. You should look for containers that are dishwasher safe, so you can use them all over again.

Avoid Heat and Light

A rule of thumb that can be applied to natural remedies is to keep them away from heat and light. It means no exposure to direct sunlight, artificial lighting, or heat sources. Also, temperature and humidity level changes are not desirable. That’s why kitchen and bathrooms are bad choices for storing your CBD tincture.

Heat and light can exhaust cannabidiol in your CBD tincture. It won’t vanish, but it’ll lose its healing properties and quality. So keep glass jars with CBD in cool, dark spots. Preferably, these should be shelves or cabinets in rooms with no temperature variations.

On the following link, read how heat affects CBD:

Minimal Air Exposure

Moist can spoil the tincture, too, as it can trigger mold growth. You can avoid this problem by keeping your jars and bottles sealed and out of the sun and high humidity. Clearly, you can’t completely prevent air from coming into bottles, but you can minimize its effect.

Most commercial tinctures are packed in well-sealed bottles, but if yours is not, you should move it to containers with air-tight lids. Another thing to do is to move these products from vents and open windows or any other airflow. 

Freezing or Not?

Room temperature up to a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius is ideal for storing CBD tincture. Of course, an additional condition is to keep it in a closed container in a dry and dark place. This way, this hemp product won’t change its odor, aroma, and density. You can keep it like that for a long, long time.

But sometimes, it’s simply not possible to meet these conditions, especially if you live in tropical areas, where temperatures and humidity are high. The only thing you can do is to put CBD tincture in a fridge or freezer, as temperatures there are stable. Cannabidiol can stand cold well, but you shouldn’t store it this way for a long time.

Never use CBD tinctures directly from the fridge. The content temperature can skyrocket, and it can lose its quality. Also, the tincture can get thick, so it can’t pass through the dropper. So you have to leave it at room temperature for a while to return to its real condition.

Keep Away from Kids and Pets

Science has proven the beneficial effect of CBD on animals, while its use in children is still controversial. This hemp derivative is not poisonous and psychoactive, so your kids and pets will have no consequences if they come in contact with it. Moreover, there are various CBD products for your four-legged friends that are very efficient and affordable, read more here.

Also, the amount of CBD required for an overdose is much higher than that found in a few bottles of pure extract. However, although this natural substance is completely safe, you should move the tinctures away from children and pets as they contain alcohol. So just keep them out of their reach.

There are many reasons why you should have CBD in your home pharmacy. Still, that doesn’t mean you need huge supplies. It’s a good idea to always have a bottle or two with you, which you will keep according to the above tips and enjoy CBD’s full benefits.



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