Top 5 Best Paid Video Editing Software for Linux in 2022

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Are you on the lookout for decent video editing software for Linux? Then this rundown will be especially useful for you. Here you can read tested and proved reviews of the best 5 products that have earned a decent spot on the modern market. Read on to discover which the most popular video enhancement programs are for Linux and how to choose the one that works for you.

How to Pick the Best Video Software?

The video software for Linux is a topic of conjecture.  While some users are looking for options with basic video editing capabilities, others want to use tricked-out software with advanced functionality. Your choice of the most optimal product should depend on your level of expertise and creative goals. If you are a beginner, you will hardly cope with a program with a confusing interface and steep learning curve. In case you are an experienced user, you probably want a product that will allow you to show off your video editing talent and create jaw-dropping clips. 

This selection of top 5 contenders on the video editing scene includes options suitable for both novice users and experts. If you can switch to another operating system, you can opt for other options. Check out this page to find the product from a reputable developer. 

Top 5 Video Editing Programs for Linux

If you want to edit video clips, choosing the top-firing program is a must. Aside from having broad functionality, it should fulfill all your creative needs. Here are the top performers in video enhancement, along with the brief reviews. Carefully study these rundowns to pick the best video editing programs for Linux currently available on the market. 


lightworks download Archives » PH World

Lightworks is an advanced video editing program that is popular among numerous filmmakers. It incorporates numerous features that you can use either for simple edits or complex objects. The program is packed with numerous transitions, effects, filters, and other tools that allow you to add a special touch to your clips.

The program employs a rich array of plug-ins, so you don’t need to import third-party tools. Aside from multiple exporting options, the software includes many advanced features. High-tech color grading technologies, well-elaborated effects, and professional audio overlaying features are just a glimpse of what the program offers to its users. If you want to produce professional-looking clips, incorporating this program into your workflow can be a nice solution. 


kdenlive facebook logo | Download Kdenlive for Ubuntu | Ubuntu Free

Kdenlive has all the necessary functionality to produce simple storyboards, clips, and real-time editing. You can complement your projects with captions, images, objects, audio tracks, and other elements. You can use this program for real-time video editing and the creation of spectacular transitions between frames. It is also possible to preview each clip in real-time to evaluate the possible results. Kdenlive has a library to store your clips, an intuitive interface, and innovative video editing tools. Aside from the well-thought-out toolset, Kdenlive includes screen-capture capabilities. Thus, you can create attention-grabbing slideshows and films, add audio tracks to them and upload your works on the most popular digital platforms. 

Besides offering customizable layout support, the program is compatible with all commonly-used video formats. Also, Kdenlive offers multi-track video editing, which makes it a decent alternative to the post prominent FXhome products.


All You Want to Know about OpenShot Watermark

OpenShot is demandable software among both beginners and experienced users due to its innovative tools. With the cutting-edge functionality, creating professional-looking clips will be a breeze. You can also add a personal touch to your videos by customizing effects, filters, and transitions. Also, the program incorporates a large library of audio tracks and layers to produce awesome movies. OpenShot is an effective solution for both video editing and recording.  With this program, you can share your creations on YouTube or Vimeo in several clicks. 

The software has straightforward importing options; you just need to find the desired video in a folder and add it to the program. The bragging point of OpenShot is the ability to export the resulting project to a DVD format. There is no need to use third-party video converting software. 


How to use Shotcut video editor - TechStory

Shotcut is a popular product that is compatible with almost all video formats. Your projects can benefit from lossless compression. This is especially useful if you want to reduce the size of a video without affecting its quality. It is also possible to complement your project with captions and combine several clips into one.

Despite being intended for non-professional use, the feature set of the program is far from minimalist. Audio tone generator, 3-way color wheels for color correction and grading, keyframes for filter parameters are just a few perks offered by the software. Although it doesn’t provide advanced video editing tools, Shotcut is still a decent option to add to your workflow. 


Solutions d'apprentissage à distance – ICESCO-Fr

Pitivi has numerous features, such as a rich array of integrated filters and artistic transitions. It employs simple importing and exporting options and basic functionality. With sleep and an uncluttered interface, you can navigate the program without any hassle.

With Pitivi, you can trim, cut, flip and rotate your videos. The program also offers unlimited video/audio track layers and an audio mixer. Having such a simple but effective video editor at hand, you will definitely explore all the boundaries of your creativity. 

Final Word

Picking the right video enhancement program is a rather daunting task. You will need to carefully study all the features the software offers, especially if you are going to invest in it. The options reviewed below are the most widely used programs for Linux. By the way, if you are on the lookout for Linux media server software for creating a home theater, check out this article. It describes the programs that can help you set up your own media server with ease. 



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