Virtual Phone Numbers: Bring your Business to the Next Level

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Nowadays many private sector persons and companies want to purchase a virtual number for calls, faxes, and SMS. Such a solution is very convenient because it makes it easier to contact potential clients or partners who are located abroad. It is profitable to have one universal number and promote it on all available websites. 

Service’s Unique Opportunities

You can buy virtual phone numbers from Freezvon or any other corresponded company to increase sales. It’s a sign of good marketing as the risk of missing a call from a potential client is minimized. In addition, customer frustration can be reduced to zero with the help of a virtual incoming number. You will certainly not be able to miss out on new business opportunities. The absence of a geographical reference allows you to fully reveal the potential of a separate business line. It is possible to significantly reduce the expenditure part and cut down administrative costs by means of the presented solution. 

Virtual phone numbers can be used for

  • Calls making\fielding.
  • SMS sending\receiving.
  • Faxes sending\receiving.
  • Calls and SMS.
  • Calls and Faxes.

It’s also possible to order a multichannel number which allows a large number of calls handling. Toll-free numbers are also popular as they help to manage the call center’s work and correctly configure the distribution of calls between operators so that not a single incoming call from a client is missed. Customers will call your company without paying for it; the number owner shoulders all the expenses. 

Main Benefits

  • You only need a stable Internet connection for full use. 
  • There’s no need to be tied to the company’s office. The virtual number is not associated with the location of the subscriber and the company. The office can be placed in one region and the number can be tied to another. 
  • The special equipment and wiring aren’t required for a virtual number getting. All you have to do is to find the appropriate service on the Internet, be an owner of a laptop, PC, or smartphone, and see about a stable Internet connection.
  • The data transfer scheme allows you to significantly reduce communication costs since you only pay for Internet traffic. Moreover, only used conversational traffic is paid (the company owners won’t waste money on pauses and waiting time during the telephone communication).
  • Call forwarding can be configured to a mobile or landline number. This service is paid but the price is very affordable, especially considering the possibility to use one number anywhere in the world.
  • When buying a multichannel number, all branches of the company will be able to use it (regardless of the location). This feature allows venue owners to create the effect of presence in different countries and regions, increasing customer loyalty, and also simplifying the conduct of international business.

How to Connect?

You need to choose a provider to become a user of this service. The connection diagram for various operators may differ, but as a rule, the procedure consists of several standard stages

  • Sign up and log in on the provider’s website.
  • Select the type of number, country, city, and operator code.
  • Set up forwarding to receive calls, SMS, or faxes.
  • Replenish the balance for an amount equal to the cost of the number and the monthly subscription fee.
  • Confirm and activate the number.

You can select one or several devices for call forwarding after the number activation. Be sure to install special software (SIP client) on your PC or other facilities. Most of these applications can be downloaded for free (there is software for different operating systems). Anyway, connecting a virtual number requires minimal investment and is cheaper than the telephone landline installation.

The number will be managed through a personal account on the operator’s website after the service connection. If required, it’s possible to connect additional options (call recording, call forwarding, call statistics, voice menu, conference calls, etc.). 

A virtual number is the most profitable way to make arrangements for corporate affairs. It will always stay with you even when the physical address of the company changes. It will provide all the employees with free internal communication. You can combine all existing company numbers into one and distribute the workload on employees, depending on the current work tasks.



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