Your Phone may not support Whatsapp in 2021

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Your Phone may not support Whatsapp in 2020

Earlier in the week, WhatsApp updated its FAQ section stating that the popular Facebook-owned app will not be supported in many older Android and iOS Phones.

This move is in accordance with Facebook’s decision to withdraw Whatsapp support for older versions of OS, a move that is set to be implemented from 1st February 2020.

As per the information published on the FAQ section of WhatsApp, starting from 1st January, the popular messaging app will stop functioning on iPhones functioning on iOS 8 and lower as well as on Android phones with Android 2.3.7 operating system and lower versions.

A statement in the FAQ section of WhatsApp regarding the older versions of iOS and Android operating system reads as follows “can no longer create new accounts, nor re-verify existing accounts after February 1, 2020.”

Although sources have said that some selected phones which have KaiOS 2.5.1+ OS, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 will continue to support WhatsApp Messenger.

The company also added that the app “might not be available in the Microsoft Store after July 1, 2019.”

If you own a Windows smartphone you might want to save your chats and information before the year ends as WhatsApp also announced that it would be withdrawing its support for all Windows phones by 31st December.
If you wish to save your chats it can be done three steps: 1. Open the chat you wish to export, and tap on Group Info.

2. Tap ‘Export Chat’. The option to download with or without media will pop up.

3.Export all your chats with the option you select.

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

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