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Black Clover: Asta and Yuno are Licht’s son finally revealed?

Just like the millions of Black Clover fans out there, I am sure that even you are quite intrigued to learn the origins of Asta and Yuno. Black Clover is a very mysterious manga which has only revealed that Asta and Yuno had left the church on the same day other than that no one has any information about their parents or who left them there.

As a Black Clover fan myself I joined several forums and manga communities where I came across this one particular fan theory that unravels the mystery about why Asta was born without the Mana and many other Black Clover mysteries.

First Wizard King Met Licht

Licht first met Tectia

In the Manga episode where Tectia who is the sister of the Wizard King uses wind magic to barge out of the castle, she ends up losing control over her magic. To rescue Tectia from her uncontrolled magic the Wizard king chases his sister with the help of Licht. Wizard king uses his light magic and Licht uses his sword magic and saves Tectia. Thus began a romantic spark between Licht and Tectia. The Wizard King and Elve King Licht save later get revealed as a 4 leaf clover Grimoire. This bond leads to the Wizard king discussing with Licht the prospect of maintaining peace between Humans and Elves. Licht and Tectia decide to get married and bear a child together who will be the symbol of peace between the two tribes for the coming generations.

Black Clover manga covers

Before Tectia could even give birth to her child, she along with all the Elves were massacred by humans. Disheartened and raged by this news Licht decided to use the forbidden magic to reincarnate all the elves. So there is a real possibility that the forbidden magic led to the rebirth of the child of Licht and Tectia. There is also a possibility that the bodies of Asta and Yuno are human but the real souls of Asta and Yuno are of their elf father.

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Yuno And Asta Are Fraternal Twins

Let us take a microscopic view of this theory


First, let’s look study the family tree of Yuno if the child of Licht would pick up traits from his human mother and elf Father.

Yuno Parents Black Clover

Yuno is a character who possesses wind magic and has a 4 leaf clover Grimoire. His 4 leaf Clover Grimoire is very similar to that of the Wizard King Licht. Yuno also has wind magic which is used by Tectia. It is very much possible that Yuno gets his wind spirit from his mother.

Now let’s take a look at Yuno’s face and body and compare it with Licht and Tectia. Yuno appears to have taken his father’s body features, as his facial structure as well as body shape is very similar to Licht. The eye color of Licht and Yuno also matches. The overall aesthetic of Yuno is slim and tall just like that of Licht. 

When Elve Yuno and Licht face each other for the first time Yuno gives a firm push to Licht. Then Patri says that do to expect any less from Licht, however the first wizard king stops. Which is another strong indication that it is obvious that Yuno is somehow related to Licht? There is no way Licht would let his guard down and let Yuno push him unless he knew Yuno is his son.

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Now we take a look at the similarities that Asta shares with Licht and Tectia. There are many factors that indicate that Asta is a child of Licht. Firstly, Asta and Licht share the exact similar Grimoire. Originally, Asta had the 4 leaf Grimoire just like Licht, however, he later transformed it into 5 leaf because Licht turned into a Demon.

Black Clover wallpapers

Now let us take a look at the physical attributes of Asta and compare it with his parents. The hair color of Asta is the same as Licht. Another common facial feature that Asta shares with the first wizard King and Tectia is eye color. Genetically Asta looks to be more like his mother as he is short in size.

All the above indications tell us that Asta and Yuno are Licht and Tectia’s Son. Hence there is a possibility that they both fraternal twins.

Yuno Is Successful Hybrid

In Black Clover, Yuno possesses high mana, high magical powers and has a very solid body structure which makes him a successful version of the Hybrid of Human and Elf.

Asta Is Mutated Hybrid

Asta no Mana

Asta does not have mana, this is because he is a mutated breed as he is the offspring of a human and an elf.

In an episode of Black Clover, the Witch Queen reveals that Asta has no mana because of Mutation Perhaps the Mutation she was referring to was that of cross-breeding between two different species.

Why Asta Didn’t get Elf Form

The forbidden spell used by Licht and the one used by Patri are completely different this is why Asta does not have an Elf form. Licht uses a forbidden spell by which humans born after centuries are born with similar bodies to Elves. And the forbidden spell used by Patri places Elf souls in the bodies of humans.

Licht was not trying to kill Asta

In the battle between Licht and Asta it is quite clear that Asta is going all out, however Licht seems to be holding back. Licht fanbase claim that he could have killed Asta very easily and reclaimed the Demon Dweller sword but did not do it as he knew Asta was his Son.

In the battle between Licht vs Asta and Mana, Licht was completely defensive which indicates that he was not trying to fight them. Reincarnation cannot work on Asta because he has no mana.

Patri Knew That Yuno Was Son

It is well known that Yuno was not present among all the fighters while the eye of midnight was going on.  It is quite possible that Patri discovered some strong evidence that Yuno is the son of Licht. Patri figured out that Yuno possesses strong wind magic along with good mana and 4 leaf Grimoire.

Black Clover wallpapers

But because Asta and Yuno are twins, no one doubted that Yuno is Licht’s son as Asta does not have mana or magic.

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Black Clover Manga confirms Yuno Is Licht’s Son 

The most recent chapter of Black Clover manga confirms that Yuno possesses the soul of Licht’s unborn son inside him. Following the conclusion of the fight with the demon when Licht and the First Wizard King were about to leave the world. Licht reveals that he felt truly happy to have gotten the chance to fight side by side with his son.

Licht's son inside Yuno

This is further evidence that Yuno learned about the origin of his inner Elf soul that is indeed the soul of Licht and Tectia’s unborn child.


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