Geekymint was founded by two childhood friends who have always shared similar interests. As kids, Joel and Safdar had numerous brainstorming sessions to start a business and both of them have always challenged each other to learn new skills. However, their college days took them to different paths. With Joel opting to explore opportunities in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain world and Safdar was eager to hone his managerial skills and put it to use in the tech and gaming sector.

But Joel and Safdar still had one thing in common, both were keeping track of how digital marketing was changing the structure of traditional businesses and the opportunities it presents.

So one fine day during yet another brainstorming session, these two childhood geeks came up with an idea to combine their skillset, exploit the advantages of digital marketing, and start a blog and that is how Geekymint was formed.

At first, Geekymint was started just as a news publication where you would get the latest, marketing gimmick-free news about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Technology, Gaming, Automobiles, and Entertainment.   But then Joel and Safdar decided to shift gears and channel their inner businessman. That’s when Geekymint underwent a major revamp and it turned from just a news publication to a blog that helps you learn and trade in the stock market, helps you buy the best products by giving honest reviews, provides you with easy tips to solve tech-related problems and much more.

Our Vision

To grow into one of the biggest Informative blogs worldwide.

Our Goal?

We will continue to work towards our goal of maximizing data sharing and community engagement by ensuring that the community has access to the data they need to make those key decisions.

Meet our team of savvy Journalists: GeekyMint Team.

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