7 of the best WeTransfer Alternatives for file transfer in 2020

WeTransfer alternatives

WeTransfer is a file transfer website that lets its user transfer files up to 2 Gb around the world. The service is free of charge but there is a premium version available with additional features. WeTransfer is a very popular service but some countries have banned WeTransfer from using its services. If you are looking for an alternative to WeTransfer then I have listed 7 of the best WeTransfer alternatives. 

The 7 alternatives to WeTransfer would give you most of the features you are looking for in a file transfer website. WeTransfer competitors in this list have free and paid services which are worth signing up.

In this day and age when data is king WeTransfer has created a massive impact on how users transfer data. If you are looking for WeTransfer alternative then you have come to the right place. 

WeTransfer Alternatives comparative table 

WeTransfer Alternatives Transfer limitRating
Firefox Send2.5GB (Free)4.8/5
Smash350GB (Free)4.8/5
Google Drive 15GB (Free)4.7/5
One Drive5GB (Free)4.5/5
Dropbox100MB (Free)3.5/5
Send Anywhere10GB (Free)4.5/5
Filemail100GB (Paid) 3.5/5

Firefox Send

If you are looking for an alternative to WeTransfer then FireFox send has to be our top pick from this list of best WeTransfer alternatives. Firefox send is one of the few data sharing services that comes with end to end encryption which means no one would be able to access the data. 

Firefox Send can transfer files up to 2.5GB which is better than WeTransfer its competitor which can send 2GB.

Can password protect the files you need to send which makes it even safer than WeTransfer which provides encryption but not end to end encryption.

Firefox Send has put an emphasis on security by also allowing the sender to set a download limit. 

Features of FireFox send

  • End to end encryption
  • Transfer files 2.5GB
  • Password protect files
  • Can set a download limit 

My Review on FireFox send

Most of the features are paid in for WeTranfer users. Firefox send is a very good alternative to WeTransfer which makes it on the top of the list to best WeTransfer alternatives. If you are looking for security and end to end encryption then Firefox Send is better than all the WeTransfer competitors in the list. 

My Rating on Firefox Send

4.8 out of 5 Stars.


If you are looking to transfer a big file then Smash is the perfect WeTransfer alternative for you. According to the company, a user can transfer up to 350GB of data which far more than any of the WeTranfer Competitors in this list. 

Files above 2GB will take some time but you would get transfer a big file with ease. If you are on a good network connection then you would be able to transfer your file a quick rate.

In the free plan, your data is stored for 14 days and if you wish to extend that period then you would need to opt for the paid version.  

Just like WeTranfer, Smash has an easy to use interface which makes transferring files easy.

Features of Smash

  • Can transfer up to 350GB
  • Easy to use 
  • Stores files for 14 days in the free plan

My Review on Smash

If you are looking for a WeTransfer alternative that can transfers files up to 350GB then you Smash is the perfect alternative to WeTransfer. The service has a very easy to use interface and the free plan has many features which would give WeTranfer a run for its money. 

My Rating on Smash

4.8 out of 5 stars

Google Drive

Whenever Google comes up with a new product all the users experiment with it. Google Drive is one of the most used Google Services and one of the best alternatives to WeTransfer for file transfer.

Users can send a file with a download link that can be password protected which makes it very secure. Google Drive is constantly updated with new features making it one of the most used WeTransfer alternatives.  

Google Drive comes with most of the features which other WeTransfer competitors charge its users.  

Features of Google Drive

  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • All-access premium features 
  • Easy to use interface
  • 15GB data stored on the cloud.
  • Free cloud storage of 15GB

My Review on Google Drive

Google Drive comes with tons of features that other alternatives to WeTransfer charge its user. Sending files is super secure and a user can also password protect the files. The data is stored on the cloud and users can access their data from all around the world. 

My Rating on Google Drive

4.7 out of 5


OneDrive stores the data on the cloud just like Google Drive. One dive gives its user to store up to 5GB of data free. One drive is one of the best when it comes to storing data on the cloud but transferring a file can take time.

If you are looking for a WeTransfer alternative which has both cloud and secured data transfer feature then One Drive and Google Drive are the best from this list of alternatives to WeTransfer.

Users would need to create an account before using the service which would be the only drawback of cloud storage services like One Drive and Google Drive.

Features of OneDrive

  • 5GB data storage on the cloud
  • Secured with TLS protocol 
  • Password-protected files

My Review on One Drive

If you are looking for a file transfer service with also data storage One Drive is the best alternative to WeTransfer. OneDrive offers up to 5GB of free storage on the cloud which is less than Google Drive but more than the 2GB offered by WeTransfer.

My Rating on One Drive

4.5 out of 5


Just like Google Drive and One Drive, Dropbox is a cloud storage platform. Dropbox’s core feature is its cloud storage feature but recently the company added a file transfer feature. The transfer of the file size is limited to 100MB making it lower than WeTransfers 2GB.   

The sender would get the information on the number of times the file has been viewed making its secure for users.

Files can be shared via email to other dropbox users but the transfer size is very less. The cloud storage is also less when compared to Google Drive and One Drive.


  • Cloud-based data transfer 
  • Security 

My Review on Dropbox

If you are looking to transfer files then I would recommend you to use other platforms on this list of best WeTransfer alternatives. The file transfer size is 100MB is very low when compared to other WeTransfer competitors on this list. If you are looking for cloud storage with file transfer feature I would recommend you to use Google Drive or One Drive.

My Rating on Dropbox

3.5 out of 5 stars

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere lets its users send files up to 10GB which is far more than its competitor WeTransfer. Send Anywhere has a lot of features that give WeTransfer a run for its money. 

The files are secure when during transit and after it’s received. Users can send files without even signing into the account. Users would need to create an account to send files via a link or email.

Send anywhere has a free plan and a paid plan which is loaded with additional features.

Features of Send Anywhere

  • 10GB file transfer
  • Can send files via email or link
  • Secured file transfer

My review on Send Anywhere

Send anywhere is a very good WeTransfer alternative and one my to picks in this list of alternatives to WeTransfer. If you are looking to transfer file without even wanting to create an account then Send Anywhere is a good software to use.

My Rating on Send Anywhere

4.5 out of 5 stars


Filemail is the only alternative to WeTransfer that comes with a paid-only version. The paid version offers all the features and benefits like other file transfer services on the list. File mail charges its users $5 per month and gives 100GB of file transfer and data storage for 30 days. 

Filemail is very secure with 2-factor authentication but the only drawback is that it does not come with a free version 

Feature of Filemail

  • Comes loaded with all the features but its paid and does not come with a free plan which is its biggest drawback.

My Review on Filemail

Filemail has one of the best features in the list of WeTransfer alternatives but does not come with a free plan. The paid version is $5 per month but some of the competitors to WeTransfer on this list.

My Rating on Filemail

3.5 out of 5 stars 


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