10 Best iOS Services that Help Students in Self-Development

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Welcome, iOS users who can benefit from our guide on the ten best tools! Add them to your gadgets and empower your learning process significantly. We’ve decided that smartphones and tablets should help in studying – not distract from it. Therefore every student looks for the best essay helper app that will assist them through many educational challenges. Meet the top iOS services we recommend to change your approach to study!

1. Duolingo

This is the app of the year that gained popularity among adults and youth. Over 200 million users benefit from studying 23 languages from their iOS devices. This is a great app for students to learn English. Consequently, if you are not confident enough in English writing, it is better to ask a reliable specialist for help. Students, who’ve already use it, wrote their feedback on the special review page. Still, funny the Owl character in this app will lead you through many challenges to easily perceive information and pass tests. Various levels teach relevant language skills so the user will not be overwhelmed with too complex topics. 

2. SparkNotes

If you want to develop your understanding of poetry, philosophy, literature, drama, or short stories, this app is designed especially for you! This ultimate literature guide will help you in reading classes and enhance your knowledge of any book. Take quizzes for each studying part to get an instant perception of your level. Short cliff notes on Shakespeare and other writers will help you to analyze any composition better. 

3. Hopscotch

Learners who have an aptitude for programming can enhance their coding skills by playing games in the Hopscotch app. With video tutorials, users can easily create their games and learn new coding languages for free. Also, young and adult iOS customers can learn the principle of developing such popular games as PokemonGo or Crossy Road. If you are engaged in support, you can join other users’ games and implement your skills in their quests. 

4. Math Bingo

Sometimes it is necessary to increase your mathematical skills even if you learn humanities. Yes, math science makes significant brain improvement if you repeat the school program and remember to add, subtract, divide, and multiplicate numbers. Solve many tasks of different levels and see how good you are in math. With the help of Math Bingo, you will develop your neuroplasticity and learn how to solve real-life issues effortlessly.

5. Todoist

It is challenging to approach self-development if you can’t manage your time. Increase your studying and working effectiveness with Todoist on your iOS electronic tool. A simple to-do list will help you to keep essential things without memorizing them. Moreover, you can create tasks with dates and set a concrete deadline for each studying project. 

6. Study Blue

Check your knowledge on any subject by adding Study Blue to your tablet or phone. Create a quiz on any topic to memorize the material better. Clear and beautiful design will help you focus on the main things and track the progress without any distraction.

7. 3D Brain

This app will motivate you to learn one of the most critical parts of the human body – the brain. You will finally understand which functions each brain’s part is responsible for and how they are interconnected. Using 3D visualization, you can rotate, zoom, and click to interact with the depicted brain on the screen. 

8. Freedom

Sometimes self-development is about freedom. Luckily, students can acquire it with the Freedom application. This tool blocks notifications on your phone or tablet, so distractions will not have any chance to interrupt your study. 

9. Notion

It is a great habit to make notes during classes. Therefore, every student who sets a goal for self-growth should add the Notion tool to their phone or tablet. This application is effortless to use and helps you to keep all necessary ideas on hand. 

10. Khan Academy

If you feel that lectures are not enough for you, please, consider learning with Khan Academy. This educational platform gained a huge place in students’ hearts worldwide. Select any subject you are interested in and take a free course from recognized schools and universities. Read articles, pass exercises, and communicate with like-minded people from the Khan Academy community.

These ten apps are just the apex of an iceberg among iOS gadget tools. Search in the ocean of the App Store to find those studying applications that correspond to your current needs. Anyway, never stop self-development and utilize your device on maximum for it! 

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi

Safdarali Rizvi the management graduate. Has been an avid book reader all his life so naturally loves playing with his words. His curiosity for discovering futuristic opportunities drives him to enlighten the entire Geekymint team with exclusive and intriguing news. He has a real passion for calisthenics and sports. His management abilities and hunger for learning brings tremendous value to our team.

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