123movies: Download 123movies app apk on Android/iPhone/iPad/iOS/MAC/PC/Firestick/FireTV 

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About 123movies

Since its launch, 123movies went on to gain immense popularity mainly because it is arguably one of the best free platforms that provide free streaming service for the latest movies and TV shows.

123movies is available in all formats, you can directly search for 123movies website, or download and install the 123movies app apk on your android, iOS, Mac or PC.

Another feature that makes 123movies a fan favorite amongst all available platforms that provide free streaming services is that a user does not have to register anywhere to use it, they can simply search for 123movies and enjoy watching their favorite TV programs and movies.

How does 123movies work

123movies has a plethora of options for movies and TV shows starting from 1998 to the current date, basically what the platform does is that surfs for torrent links for movies and TV shows which work and then add those links to their platform from which users can download the content.

123movies came under scrutiny from the MPAA mainly because it developed a system that would provide torrent links for all the latest releases. As soon as a movie or TV series was officially launched, torrent links of the same were also generated into 123movies app.

However, that being said 123 movies seem to have moved passed that obstacle and has come up with an updated latest version of its 123movies app.

The 123 movies app apk is available for Android, iOS, MAC, PC, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. Download the 123 movie app for your device by following the steps given below

Steps to download and install 123movies app apk on Android

Step 1: The first step is to click on the link and download the 123movies apk file on your android smartphone

Step 2: Once the file is download you would need to accept the installation of the unknown app. For that you would first have to go to Settings>>Apps>>Special App Access>>Accept 123movies app

Step 3: Once you have accepted the unknow app. You would have to go to the 123movie app and create an account.

Step 4: After you have created an account you can watch content on your Android device

Steps to download and install 123movies app apk on iPhone/iPad/iOS

Step 1: Open this 123movie apk link from your iOS device and download the file on your iPad or iPhone 

Step 2: The second step is to allow the download of an Unknow app. Go to Setting >> General Settings >> Profile and Device >> 123Movie >> Verify the app

Step 3: Install the 123movie app and create an account.

Step 4: You can now login to your account and watch unlimited movies and shows for free

Steps to download and install 123movies app apk on MAC or PC

In order for you to download the 123movies app, you would need to first download an android emulator for your MAC and PC. there are many android emulators in the market but I have written an entire article on the best android emulators so that you don’t get confused. Once you have downloaded an android emulator you can follow the below steps  

Step 1: Download the apk file on your PC or MAC

Step 2: Next step is to run and install the application on your system

Step 3: After the installation, open the android emulator on your PC or MAC

Step 4: Open the 123movie app from the android emulator and create an account.

Step 5: After you have created an account you can enjoy the free content on the 123 movie app

Steps to download and install 123movies app apk on firestick/Fire TV

Step 1: Open the Firestick/Fire Tv app on your TV  

Step 2: The second step is to change the download the apk file from the browser on your Fire TV/ Firestick

Step 3: On your fire TV go to Setting >> Device options >> Developer options >> Unknown apps >> Download and verify the Unknow 123movie app

Step 4: Create an account and login to the 123movie app. You can now watch free movies on your Firestick/ Fire TV 

5 Benefits of 123movies

One-click download

A user does not have to wait to download a movie or click on several tabs before downloading a movie on the app, simply select the movie to choose which format you wish to download it in and it will be downloaded.

Not a subscription-based model

123 movies app does not ask a user to subscribe or pay any type of fee for using its services.

Comparatively fewer ads

With over 10 million users, 123movies manages to serve its user without the need to display many ads, so a user is not troubled with continuous ad pop-ups or redirected to another website.

Top video quality

Along with providing HD quality and 4k resolution video content, 123movies app also provides Blu-Ray resolution video content which is known as the best video quality.

Theatre mode

123movies has an option of theatre mode which was much welcomed by its users, once theatre mode is selected your display screen goes full black, which lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows without any distractions. Similar to a movie theatre.

Live Sports Streaming

Live sports streaming is the latest feature of 123movies. There is a dedicated 123sports streaming app and website available for free. Click here if you wish to check it out.

In the latest update of the 123movies app apk, the developers of this free streaming app have come up with live free sports streaming channels as well.

Disclaimer about 123 movies 

Earlier in the first half of 2019, tracking the website which gained so much popularity that it was ranked at 63k globally and had 10 million traffic as per Alexa, Motion Pictures Association of America termed 123 movies as the most popular illegal website of the world.

Originally launched with the URL 123movies.to, the free content streaming service holds the record for most user pirated websites in the UK and US for the year 2016.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q – Is the 123movies app safe to use?

Answer- It has been termed as the top illegal website to use by the Motion Picture Association of America, so it would not be advisable to use it. However, there are many alternatives that work just fine.

Q –  Do I need to pay for 123movies?

Answer- No, you do not need to pay to browse or use the services of the app.

Q – Is there a subscription fee for 123movies?

Answer- The app is free to use and there is no subscription fee, however, the app contains advertisements.

Q – Can I download the 123movie app apk on my android phone? 

Answer – Yes, the app can be download via an apk link on the Android smartphone. I have written a step by step guide in this article.

Q – Can I download the 123movie app apk on my MAC or PC? 

Answer- Yes, it is possible, I have listed steps and guide above for the same.

Q – Can I download the 123movie app apk on Firestick/Fire tv? 

Answer- Yes, a user can download it in Firestick/Fire tv by following the steps listed above in the article

********Please note that the entire team of GeekyMint is not associated or promotes 123movies in anyways, the whole article is strictly for educational purposes only********

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