2023’s most downloaded mobile games

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Data.ai’s findings showed that mobile gaming spending had fallen compared to prior years over a similar period, yet revenue remains extremely high, and mobile gaming remains widely prevalent among many.

Figures showed that $40.9 billion was spent between January and June 2023, which marked a decrease from the $41.2 billion recorded in the same period in 2022, as well as $44.5 billion spent during 2021’s first six months. Of this sum, $24.6 billion came from iOS gamers while $16.3 billion from Android devices.

Game downloads still remain high

Although figures reveal a downturn – something experts do not anticipate persisting and consider to be only temporary – game download numbers remain extremely high. According to one report, 30.4 billion downloads had occurred across both the App Store and Google Play Store during that same time frame twelve months ago; that represents an increase of 0.4 billion downloads compared with total downloads during last year’s same time frame.

Android appears to be the device of choice for most gamers. The total number of downloads was 26,1 billion, but only 4.3 billion were on iOS devices. The downloads don’t include games played on the Internet through a web browser. Online gambling has seen rapid growth since the advent of smartphones. Players are now able to access their favorite casino games on sites that allow them to enjoy them with a minimum deposit, thus making them more appealing and attractive to those looking to entertain themselves.

What are the most popular games in 2023?

Across both iOS and Android devices, there are some games that have managed to remain as popular as ever with players, as they continuously sit in the leaderboard as the most downloaded.

Subway Surfers and Garena Free Fire continue their reign as the top two global download games in 2023, likely due to being free games with engaging gameplay experiences. ROBLOX made gains of three spots to third, with Candy Crush Saga rising one spot after celebrating its 10th birthday! It perhaps goes to show that there are many who still like to enjoy titles that are timeless, although it could also go to show that the simpler the game, the more enjoyable it may be!

Two new games were able to break into the top 10 for most global downloads in 2023, with Block Blast Adventure Master and Attack Hole sitting sixth and seventh, respectively. The biggest climber, though, was Gardenscapes, as it managed to rise 57 places and rank ninth.

Naturally, there are numerous game releases that are still scheduled to take place over the final six months of the year. Many are hotly anticipated and with some being part of big gaming series, it would be no surprise if they shot up the leaderboard.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming may have experienced a slight downturn in regard to the revenue generated, but it would seem that there is still a huge future ahead for the industry. It will be interesting to see what the final findings are for the year in regard to the most downloaded titles!



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