7 Steps to Having Awesome Movie Nights at Home

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Whether you’re planning a family movie night or inviting some friends over, watching movies in good company is always lots of fun. 

Sure, the choice of movie might be a little different if you’re cozying down with the kids. But, by putting some thought into your movie nights at home, it’s easy to turn a sofa session into more of an occasion. 

From the perfect food and refreshments to tips on creating the right atmosphere, keep reading for some awesome movie night ideas!

Step 1 – Check Your Streaming Site

Snacks, comfortable seating, and fun movie night activities are all important components of the perfect family movie night. But first, you’ll need to make sure your TV and streaming site are in full working order. You might also need to check what movies are available so you can make a group decision about the night’s entertainment. 

If you’re in need of some new movies to watch as a family, setting up Disney Plus on your TV is a must. Not sure how to do it? Just go to https://setapp.com/how-to/get-disney-plus-on-apple-tv for a step-by-step guide. 

Step 2 – Prepare the Food

If you were heading out to the movie theater, you’d probably go for dinner first. While your guests might not expect a three-course meal, it’s a good idea to prepare some sharing plates or a quick and easy meal to enjoy either before or during the movie. After all, you don’t want the sound of rumbling stomachs to disturb your viewing pleasure. 

Nachos, tacos, and fajitas are always a great option for a casual night in. Likewise, homemade versions of fries, mini burgers, hot dogs, or pizza are perfect for snacking on during a movie. 

Step 3 – Arrange Some Extra Seating

Comfort is crucial when you’re watching a movie. But, since few of us have a sofa big enough to accommodate more than three or four people, you might need to get creative with seating options. 

If you have a sofa or armchairs elsewhere in the house, rearrange your furniture to make room for these. Otherwise, bringing in beanbags or large floor cushions is a good option. You can always switch seats halfway through the movie to make things fairer. 

Seating won’t be so much of an issue if you’re having a family movie night. Although, if the kids prefer to sit on the floor or lie back on beanbags when you watch movies at home, you and your partner can enjoy having the sofa to yourselves for a change!

Step 4 – Create the Right Atmosphere

Before your guests arrive, it’s important to create the right atmosphere to make sure you can watch movies at home in comfort.  

This means tidying away any mess and setting up your seating area with blankets and throw pillows for optimal coziness. 

If you’re having a family movie night, you might even want to get the kids involved in making decorations. A cool idea is to make cardboard curtains to turn the TV into an old-fashioned movie theater screen. 

Once everyone takes their seat, dim the lights. This helps create a theater-style vibe without being so dark that no one can find their way to the bathroom. You might also want to encourage people to switch off their phones before the movie starts. After all, movie night activities should not include scrolling your IG feed or checking Twitter every five seconds. 

Step 5 – Provide Plenty of Popcorn 

No movie night is complete without plenty of popcorn. Pop it in advance to save time or stock up on pre-popped bags at the store. You’ll also need to cater to all tastes with sweet, salty, and buttery varieties. 

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of serving up one big bowl of popcorn for everyone to share. This will cause disruptions every time your guests have to get up and reach over for a handful. Instead, serve up an individual bowl of popcorn for each guest.

Step 6 – Set up a Drinks Station

Easy-access refreshments are also a vital part of any home movie night, especially if you’re partial to salty popcorn. 

Rather than having your guests head out to the kitchen every time they want a drink, set up a drinks station on a side table or trolley near your seating area. Stock it up with plenty of water, soda, and juice as well as beer and wine for anyone who isn’t driving home. You could even serve movie-themed cocktails during the intermission. 

Step 7 – Play Movie-Themed Games

While the movie itself will be the main event, adding movie night activities into the mix means you’ll have even more fun. 

For example, if you’re watching a musical, get up and dance anytime the cast break out into song. To make sure everyone gets involved, make it a rule that the last one to do so has to complete a dare. Or, before a horror movie, you could all guess the number of victims and award a prize to the closest answer. 

If you’re watching a classic family movie you’ve seen before, mix things up by adding a bingo element. You could print out bingo cards beforehand and mark off items as they appear. Or, play a game where the first person to call out every time a certain character or object comes on-screen scores a point. 

Awesome Ways to Make Movie Nights at Home Even More Fun

With these great tips to guide you, movie nights at home just got a whole lot more awesome!

What’s more, your friends will be so impressed with your hosting skills, your house will be the place to head anytime you want to get together and enjoy a new movie. 

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