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Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing( New leaf) is the fourth addition to the very popular Animal crossing series. Nintendo launched this game in the year 2012-2013 after which a lot of users grew curious about this new upgrade. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions which we have tried to answer so as to provide you with a viable solution and to help you to make an informed decision. 

What is Animal Crossing 

Animal Crossing is a video game series that essentially is a life simulation in which your character plays as a mayor of a town full of anthropomorphic animals (Animals with human-like traits and emotions.) The Animal Crossing(New leaf) is fourth in this video game series. 

The video game franchise is owned and operated by the gaming giants, Nintendo. The Animal crossing (New leaf ) was developed and published for the Nintendo 3Ds console, first in Japan in 2012 and then in North America, Europe, and Australia in the year 2013. 

Animal Crossing (New leaf)  is the fourth title to a very successful video game series Animal Crossing. Following its predecessors, this game revolves around an anthropomorphic animal world but this time the human is mistaken as the new mayor and is appointed to the post.

Now his duties are to run the village activities and to make it a better place to live in with the help of an assistant.

Gameplay and features of Animal Crossing 

The new game engine in Animal Crossing (New leaf) has enabled a plethora of choices for all the game players to enjoy within it. Now the players of Animal Crossing (New leaf) can not only become the mayor of the town but can also bring changes in the town by paying off loans and renovating houses. 

You start in a tent and then you have the option to build as you proceed. The players can go fishing, they can swim in the ocean near the town with the help of a swimsuit. The players can sell the fish which they have caught and can even go for Bug catching. 

The players can visit each other’s towns in the online mode using the Nintendos network. 

The most interesting thing about Animal Crossing (New leaf) is that players can take a snapshot while playing the game and can easily send to their Facebook and Twitter accounts with the help of their Nintendo Ds and 3Ds. 

The customization and character development are the main aspects of the gameplay. 

Supported devices 

 As the Animal Crossing (New leaf) was designed by Nintendo it is kept exclusively for the Nintendo’s very own Nintendo 3ds console,  Nintendo 64 iQue Player, GameCube Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS iOS, and Android Nintendo Switch.


Animal Crossing New leaf is the game that was announced as one of the first titles for the Nintendo 3DS in the year 2010 and then it was showcased again in the Nintendo expo in 2011. 

Animal Crossing New leaf was produced by Katsuya Eguchi and was directed by the two great directors Isao Moro and Aya Kyagoku. The idea of making the main character a mayor and giving the players more freedom to build their towns and passing laws and ordinances was accommodated after a year or so. 

All the changes made keeping in mind that the game is synced with real-time. 

The composer of the game Manaka Kataoka helped the team design and develop this game for a 3D screen as it was for the Nintendo’s 3 DS. 

Characters in Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing (New leaf) game features two new characters which are hamsters and deers respectively. The two new characters were added as the regular town citizens.

 two new personalities like smug and uchi were also added.

 New special characters include a dog named Isabella who is the player’s personal assistant and her twin brother Digby who runs the Happy Home Showcase where players can view model home layouts to build up their homes and the whole town itself.

 The developers of Animal Crossing New leaf also added a Sloth named Leif who owns a gardening center, and a pair of  Alpacas named Reese and Cyrus, who runs a store called “Re-Tail” which is a recycling shop where players can sell unwanted items or customize furniture for their house whenever they want to. 

 More of such fun characters are added who portray different roles and professions. 

Release and updates in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Apart from the welcome amiibo update in Animal Crossing( New leaf)which was released by the developers in the year 2016 a communication feature was also added for a limited period of time in the year 2014. 

The release of the game was filled with surprises all over the world as it was launched in Europe, North America, and Australia in the year 2013 there were different things added to the game itself. The figurine of the doggy assistant Isabella along with the town hall models was given to the buyers in Europe and Australia. 

Few of the American players under the Mayor’s program of the developers were given early access to the game for a month. Where they can communicate with other mayors. 

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Pros and Cons of Animal Crossing 

There is a lot to talk about this game. The vivid colors and character designs are eye candy for this game. Here are some of the Pros:-

  • The game is very well designed, with lots of new updates from the previous versions.
  • Animal Crossing New leaf is a game that you can play in real-time as it uses  Nintendo’s inner clock mechanism. This allows the players to decide when to open or when to close a shop.
  • The mayor’s perspective, the ability to visit and explore, and the ability to swim in the ocean by using the swimsuit feature are just some of the added benefits of this life simulation game. 

The Cons of this game are:- 

  • The availability problem is one of the biggest turn-offs for some of the users as the availability is restricted to Nintendo platforms only. 
  • There are no major updates after 2016.

Review on Animal Crossing New Leaf

The game we reviewed today is Animal Crossing New leaf and I have to say, I liked the game.

 Now in the fourth variant of the original game, it has grown exponentially.

 All the changes related to the characters or the new features in this life simulation game are highly welcomed by many of its users and I think the vibrant colors and the comprehensiveness of this make it more fun and enjoyable. 

If you are a fan of life simulation video games then Animal Crossing (New leaf) is a great game for you. 

A game with which is well balanced and is acceptable by its players with its cons (which are on the lower side) is quite impressive. 

The deeper you go the better this game gets. The other features like visiting and exploring other towns and to share snapshots of the game on the social media platforms is an added bonus. 

The addition of the new characters in the game as mentioned above is a very smart move by the developers as it breaks the continuity while keeping the essence of the original game itself. 

well, now you can become the mayor of the town. What else are you looking for?


Ratings for Animal Crossing New leaf are 4 out of 5 stars in my humble opinion.


All the rights of the game are reserved by its developers and we in no manner are trying or implying to claim any association with this video game. 

We are not getting paid/sponsored by anyone to review this particular game or product. This is our honest review as a consumer and we are trying to pass it on to help the other consumers. 

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