AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Which is the better streaming service?

Animelab vs Crunchyroll

With the boost in the number of people getting into anime as a means of entertainment these days, there has also been a major increase in the number of anime streaming sites that have come up to aid the same purpose. These anime streaming platforms have made watching anime a smooth task, as they offer some of the best anime in high-quality videos that come in both subbed and dubbed versions.

Animelab vs Crunchyroll

What are AnimeLab and Crunchyroll?

AnimeLab and Crunchyroll are two such streaming platforms that have made watching anime a fruitful and satisfying experience for all anime lovers. These two streaming services have offered a diverse range of anime in HD videos, with English subtitles and dubs, and also come with other attractive perks and features. 

In order to select the best streaming service for yourself, you need to know a detailed comparison of their features, pricing, and plans, compatibility with various devices, anime collections, and most importantly, whether they are available in your country. So let us have a thrilling match of AnimeLab vs Crunchyroll, where I take you through the nooks and crannies of the features and benefits offered by these two apps. 

So, are you ready to witness this showdown? Let’s go!

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: What to expect?

  1. Categories
  2. Features
  3. Availability
  4. Number of Anime
  5. Subbed or dubbed
  6. Compatibility
  7. Pricing
  8. Website Interface
  9. App Interface
  10. Alternatives

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Features

Number Of Screens on one account2 screensMultiple screens
Quality of Videos 1080p FHD/ 720p HD1080p FHD/ 720p HD
Offline Downloads/ Download limitYes (only for members with Premium Plus subscription)Yes (only for members with Premium subscription)

Both Crunchyroll and AnimeLab are packed when it comes to features. On both streaming services, you can access more than one screen from only one account and both these platforms offer high-quality 720p and 1080p videos. You can also download your favorite anime for offline viewing with a Premium account. 

The only difference between these two streaming services is that Crunchyroll offers a lot of special perks with its Premium subscription like a manga-reading platform, discussion community, and access to its official store. You do not get most of these features on AnimeLab.

Winner: Crunchyroll

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Availability

AnimeLab is available in only 2 countries as of now. These streaming platforms serve the countries in down under, i.e., Australia and New Zealand.

Crunchyroll is available in more than 170 countries at the moment. Its services are available in countries like the United States, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, etc.

Winner: Crunchyroll

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: List of Anime

The amount of anime on AnimeLab is plenty. You get to select from a wide range of genres like adventure, comedy, action, suspense, thriller, drama, slice-of-life, supernatural, fantasy, horror, sports, music, etc. You can find popular titles such as Naruto, One Piece, Assassination Classroom, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gintama, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, etc.

The amount of anime on Crunchyroll is impressive. It boasts a collection of over 1000 anime that span across a diverse range of genres. You can find subbed anime on Crunchyroll as well as quite a few dubbed ones. You can find titles like Erased, Noragami, Steins; Gate, Psycho-Pass, Ergo Proxy, Mob Psycho 100, Gantz, Chihayafuru, Parasyte: The Maxim, The Promised Neverland, Sk8 the Infinity, Given, Violet Evergarden, Banana Fish, 90 Days, Asobi Asobase, Sakamoto Desu Ga, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Dr. Stone, Your Lie in April, Koe no Katachi, Fruits Basket, Detective Conan, and many more on Crunchyroll.

Winner: Tie

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Subbed and Dubbed Content Comparison

 AnimeLab is well known for its dubbed anime collection. You can find all kinds of subbed and dubbed anime on AnimeLab, but at the same time, it flaunts an impressive collection of dubbed anime. You can watch all of these English anime in high-resolution videos on these streaming platforms.

When it comes to subbed and dubbed anime, Crunchyroll checks all the boxes. The streaming service is popular for its extensive amount of subbed anime, and the number of English anime on this site is also up to the mark. You can find quite a few dubbed anime on Crunchyroll if you look around.

Winner: Tie

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Compatibility

AnimeLab is quite a versatile platform and is compatible with a number of devices, such as, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC, MacBook, iOS devices, Android, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, AirPlay, Foxtel Now Box, Sony TVs, Apple TV, Telstra TVs, etc.

Crunchyroll is also a multi-device platform and its compatibility with other devices is great. You can access Crunchyroll through devices like Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and PlayStation 4.

Platforms CrunchyrollAnimeLab
Xbox One
Samsung Smart TV
Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV

Winner: Crunchyroll

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Pricing

 Crunchyroll offers three types of Premium subscriptions to its members.

  1. Fan Plan: $7.99/month
  2. Mega Fan Plan: $9.99/month
  3. Ultimate Fan Plan: $14.99/month

You can also get a 14-days’ worth of Crunchyroll free trial with subscription to any of these three plans.

Crunchyroll plans

AnimeLab offers you two types of plans. With the Basic Plan that comes for free, you can get access to only a limited number of anime that you can watch with English subtitles. In this plan there are no ad-blockers, hence you’ll have to bear with pre-video and mid-video ads that can prove to be extremely annoying. Simulcast videos also take up to one week to be uploaded on this platform. You also cannot download any videos for offline viewing in this plan.

The Premium Plans does away with all these limitations while granting you access to its entire anime library.

  • Basic Plan for free
  • Premium Plans for $7.95/month and $79.50/year

You can also get the 30-days AnimeLab free trial with subscription to the Premium plan.

AnimeLab Plans

Winner: Crunchyroll

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Web Interface

AnimeLab has a stylish web interface that has a color scheme of white and purple. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate through. All the options and menus on the website are well-organized and you won’t find it difficult to quickly search for what you’re looking for. Since the days of its inception, the AnimeLab website has only received very few minor tweaks and modifications.

Crunchyroll’s web interface is outstanding. It is easy to browse through, interactive, and user-friendly. It is also quite well-organized and well-articulate. All the options and menus are clearly visible and you can navigate your way through the site quite smoothly.

Winner: Tie

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: App Interface

Crunchyroll has a mobile app that runs without any issues on both Android and iOS devices. It is also easy to use and an interactive platform. The only drawback is that it comes with a lot of unnecessary ads.

The AnimeLab app is also as good as the website. It runs smoothly on Android devices and iOS devices and is easy to browse through as all the options are well-organized. However, the app does not run on PS5 and LG TV which is a big limitation.

Winner: Crunchyroll

AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll: Alternatives

AnimeLab has a number of alternatives where you can get almost the same (and even more) services as the streaming platform. Some of these streaming services include Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hidive, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, VRV, etc.

Crunchyroll has a lot of legal and illegal alternatives where you can stream anime in subbed and dubbed versions. Some of the legal Crunchyroll alternatives include Funimation, AnimeLab, Hidive, VRV, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Some of the illegal alternatives include, Animeland, AnimeHeaven, Chia-Anime, Kissanime, Animepahe, etc.

Final Thoughts: AnimeLab Vs Crunchyroll – Which Anime Streaming Service is Better?

Although AnimeLab is pretty good for watching anime, it still falls short when it comes to extra features like a discussion community, merch store, manga reading platform, etc. These are the sole reason why Crunchyroll topples over everything else and emerges as the best anime streaming platform ever. Even though Crunchyroll’s Premium account is expensive, it is worth it because you can get access to some of the best perks and benefits that you won’t get anywhere else. 

You can read more about these two streaming platforms in our articles on Crunchyroll review and AnimeLab review.

Which one do you think will you go for? Let us know in the comments!

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