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Animelog: the safe and legal anime channel to watch over 3000 anime for free

Earlier in the week a major  development took place in the Anime world as 30 of the best Anime content providers including the likes of Toei Animation and Kodansha announced a collaboration a channel on YouTube dedicated for anime streaming. 

As per reports the channel which will be called Animelog or Anilog aims to have 30 companies providing 3,000 anime titles by  the year 2022, with a target of  reaching 300million views per month.

What is Animelog/Anilog?

Animilog or Anilog is  YouTube channel created by 30 top anime content providers including the likes of Toei Animation and Kodansha. As per reports, Animelog or Anilog will be a legal free platform to watch anime series and anime movies. 

Friday 7th of August could possibly be a very big day in the history of Anime as this was the day Animelog or Anilog was created by Analyzelog a company that is renowned for supporting corporate strategies

Will Animelog/Anilog be available all over the world?

Anime fans received some really exciting news when it was revealed that a safe and legal free anime streaming channel is set up on YouTube. However, currently Animelog will only be available for Japanese audiences.

Is Animelog or Anilog a free anime streaming channel?

So far there is no official news if the Animelog YouTube channel will stream anime for free or will it be paid. It will be quite interesting to see the revenue model of  the collaboration between all the 30 anime content providers, so far as per reports, Animelog will try to attract maximum viewers and subscribers so we can expect it to be a free anime streaming platform.

Can you watch English subbed and dubbed anime on Animelog or Anilog ?

Currently Animelog will stream anime content only in Japan, but there are plans to  add sub-titled anime in English and Chinese to by the first half of 2021 to attract larger audiences.

Bellow are the names of the anime and manga that will initially be released on Animelog/anilog

The 1978 anime produced by Nippon Animation and co-directed by Hayao Miyazi, Future Boy Conan.

 Black Jack series that is based on a famous Osama Tezuka manga, which was first  aired back in the 2000s by Yomiuri TV

Significantly, this is not the first time an official anime creator is launching a YouTube channel as companies like Kadokawa (publishing) and Toei Animation (anime production have already launched their own anime channels on YouTube. But the argument made by all the 30partners  is that through Animelog or Anilog they can increase their audience and advertising revenues, quicker that than they could individually.

as per a survey conducted by the Association of Japanese Animations’ back in 2019, the anime industry enjoyed record growth for the sixth year in a row, producing earnings totalling a mammoth $20 billion and Streaming sector saw a growth of 10%.

The official statement released by Analyzelog reads as follows, “There exists a problem of illegal video distribution service these days, but “AnimeLog” will distribute only officially-licensed animations and operate as a safe channel that families can enjoy together.”

About Analyzelog

Backed by seed capital from U.S venture investor, Nexr10 Venture, and Benjamin Grubbs (founder of Nexr10 Venture) Analyzelog was formed back 2018. 

Analyzelor has been an active investor in the anime industry as it has previously made several business and investment alliances with companies major companies like Shogakukan (April 2020), Toei Animation (December 2019), animation studio Shin Ei Animation (“Doraemon,” “Crayon Shin Chan”) (July 2020).

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