Top 13 best Cotomovies alternatives for streaming free movies and tv shows (2021 update list)

cotomovie alternatives

Cotomovies was a free movie website that contained thousands of movies, series, tv shows, and documentaries for free. One of the movies in the Cotomovies app was Hell Boy and Angel Has Fallen for which the owner of Cotomovie faced legal battles due to copyright issues after which he had to shut down the website.

In my previous article, I have listed down an entire guide to download Cotomovies App Apk on Android, PC, and iOS. If you are not comfortable downloading Cotomovies due to its legal issues, we have listed 13 best alternatives to the Cotomovies App below.

I have curated a list of best cotomovies alternatives for you to watch movies and tv shows and to binge on these streaming apps and websites. A few of the websites in this list don’t require name email of the users

Morpheous TV

how does morpheus tv app look

Morpheous TV was started in 2014 and claims to have over 1 million hours of content in their app. The app has all the latest shows and movies from which are free to watch with over 20 categories to choose including comedy and documentaries.  Users can watch it on their Amazon Fire TV app, personal computer, Apple phones, and Android devices. 

It available for download on via an Apk Link I have written an entire article on how to download Morpheus TV on Android, iOS and Fire TV 

My review on Morpheous TV

If you are looking to binge on some good movies and TV shows then Morpheous TV has the wide verity of movies to choose from but the steps to download the app Morpheous TV Apk is not that easy so make sure you follow them. 


vudu movie and tv

Vudu was founded in 2004 and in 2010 was acquired by Walmart. Vudu contains thousands of movies that are uploaded by the users itself. It has it peer to peer network which makes totally safe for its user to watch. It is available to download on Android and Apple phones. The streaming service is also available for PlayStation and Xbox users. 

My Review on Vudu

I recommend readers in the United States to use Vudu as an alternative to Cotomovies as it has millions of hours of content and is also safe to download.

BigStar Movies

big star movies an alternative to cotomovies

Bigstar Movies is available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple store. The streaming app contains hard to find shows and movies like “Money Heist” and thousand of documentaries, movies, and cult favorite.  Big Star Movies has always been my choice cotomovies alternative

My Review on BigStar Movies app

If you are into TV Show then BigStar has over 3500 shows to choose with over 15 categories so you would get immediately get hooked to the streaming app as soon as you download it. 

Morph TV

Morph TV App  a site like cotomovies

Morph TV is has a wide variety of movies to be precise over 7000 shows and 1 million hours of documentaries and movies to choose from. The streaming app is not directly available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple store. You would need to download the Morph TV Apk for which I have written an entire article wherein you would have a step by step guide to download the Morph Tv app on your Android, iOS and Fire TV. 

My Review on Morph TV

The app contains loads of movies to choose from but the steps to download Morph TV need to be followed carefully. 

Pluto TV

Pluto-TV competitor to cotomovies

Pluto TV was founded in 2013 which owned by Viacom and is available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

The streaming app and website contains over 200 channels where you can also watch live TV with thousands of movie tv. 

My Review on Pluto TV

If you are looking for an all in one package in which you can watch movies, live sports, and shows then Pluto TV best streaming app and website service you can spend your time but it’s only available for users in the UK and US 

Tubi TV

Tubi tv

Tubi TV is a US-based streaming app and website which provides its users with free movies to watch without a monthly subscription fee and but contains advertisements. Tubi TV contains hours of TV shows and over 15000 movies.

The app has over 20 million active monthly users who can watch favorite content for free.

My Review on Tubi TV

It’s one of the best free movie apps from all of the alternatives to the Cotomovies app and you can watch unlimited hours of content but the only drawback is that you can’t skip the advertisements on the app.

123 movies


123 movies used to be one of the biggest free movie streaming site which was the most popular illegal site. 123 movies had millions of monthly users before it was shut down in 2018.

After the website was shut hundreds of clone websites emerged and authorities found it difficult to shut those down. 123 movies has its app which is not available to download on the Apple app store and Google play store.

The app can still be downloaded with an Apk. If you are finding any difficulty to download and open the 123 movies Apk file on your phone then I have listed a step by step process in a separate article.

My Review on 123 movies

The app has the latest movies and shows but does not have its own servers that makes movie streaming slow on a bad network. Most of the movies and shows play on full HD but 123 movie has a lot of advertisements. If you are looking for the latest content I would recommend 123 movies as cotomovie alternative.


The cotomovies alternative

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database, IMDb TV was stared in 2019 which has free movies and shows but contains ads.  The website has a database of over 5 million movies and shows.

IMDb is owned by Amazon and can be used on the fire stick and Fire TV with the help of the live TV channel. Users can also watch through the streaming app and website

Since its launch, IMDb TV has become a popular free movie streaming website.

My review IMDb TV

IMDb is one of the best ad-supported free movie websites. The website and streaming app would get you hooked and make you definitely binge-watch shows. The movies and shows have a really good viewing quality which makes the user experience amazing.  If you are looking for something unique then you should definitely try out IMDb TV.


sony crackle

Crackle was previously owned by Sony pictures and provides free movie streaming with Ads in over 21 countries.  Users can also watch Crackle in-flight entertainment and also in some hotel chains. Crackle many categories of movies tv shows that include action, comedy, horror, anime, drama, war and much more.

Crackle gets most of its revenue from advertisements. Movies can be streamed in full HD some of them can be also streamed in 4k. The service is also compatible with most of the device which makes its a very strong alternative to cotomovies.

My review on Crackle

The service is one of the best alternatives to cotomovies. While reviewing Crackle I fell in love with it and now I have booked marked it to my browser. I watched a few movies tv and the viewing experience was brilliant however there were a few advertisements and some may find it annoying.

Show Box


ShowBox is one of the most popular free movie streaming websites for watching the latest movies released. Some of the features that make ShowBox a good alternative to Cotomovies are its HD video quality. Users can also download the movies on the Show Box app and watch it later.

Users don’t even need to sign up to watch free movies and tv shows.  Download the Showbox app on your device is a tedious process hence I have written an entire article on how to download Showbox, its updates and its features.

My Review on ShowBox

Showbox is a very popular free movie app among teenagers. The App is not available to download on the Google play store you can click the link above where you can download the Showbox App Apk and run it on your android and iOS device.

I have used Showbox for a few years now and it’s a good cotomovies alternative due to its wide range of free movies and TV shows.


CouchTuner was founded in 2010 but after a few years the app shut down its operations due to copyright and legal issues. CouchTuner was known for its high-quality videos and latest movies and tv shows. The website had millions of users during its life span but users can still use the website by download the CouchTuner App Apk and also with some of the mirror links. The app apk for CouchTuner download process is long and tedious. I have written an entire article on the steps to download the CouchTuner app on your phone.

My Review on CouchTuner

CouchTuner is loaded with features like HD movies, Live TV, Latest Show that makes it a good alternative to Cotomovies. The movie collection in CouchTuner is amazing I have been using the service for quite some time now and it has not disappointed me.

Go Movies

GoMovies app

Go Movies is a website similar to 123 movies that has thousands of free movies and shows in full high-quality video and audio. In 2018 the owners of the website faced legal issues and had to shut down its service. As soon as Go Movies shut down its cone websites and streaming apps were formed. I have written an entire article on how to download Go Movies on you Apple and android phone with a step by step guide.

Go Movies was known for its latest movies and tv shows which made it one of the most popular free movie websites on the internet.

How to download and install Go Movies as a cotomovies alternatives

My review on Go Movies

Go movie has to be one of the most popular illegal movie streaming website on the internet with thousands of the latest movie and tv shows. The website had to shut down but the app is still function with its Apk file.

Youtube Originals

Youtube is one of the biggest users generated video streaming services with billions of users from all over the world. It is owned by Google and Youtube a few years ago came up with its own original videos called Youtube Originals.

The service became a hit as soon as it was launched and Youtube’s original videos got millions of views.

My Review on Youtube originals

I’m totally addicted to Youtube and spend at least 1 hour a day on Youtube. I have also started watching Youtube originals and I feel it a better site like cotomovies as it’s completely free. I would Highly recommend using this service on Youtube.

Final Thoughts 

Cotomovies also shut down due to legal issues hence I have listed the best cotomovies alternatives in the article. If you know of any other alternative to cotomovies then you can comment below and we would be happy to add it. If you are looking to stream free movies online then I have listed the best free movies streaming website in this article.

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