Bitmex alternatives: 5 cryptocurrency exchanges offering similar trading features to Bitmex


Bitmex is known for its cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform but there are better alternatives to Bitmex with competitive trading fees and treading features. Before you create an account in Bitmex check out this list of Bitmex alternatives which are very well known for their cryptocurrency trading feature.



Binance was founded in 2017 in China and later moved its headquarters due to the ban on crypto trading platform. A year after launch Binance became one of the biggest exchanges in the world as per market volume. In 2020, binance had over $3 billion in reported trading volume which made it the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. 

The technology team behind Binance has been building high-frequency trading for exchanges since 2005. Binance has one of the fastest order matching engines which can process up to 1.4 million transactions per second.

Traders from over 180 countries from around the world choose Binance to trade , store and create high leverage cryptocurrency and place advanced order types

The exchange has hundreds of trading pair which are screened for authenticity before being launched on the cryptocurrency exchange for trading. 

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Trading fees

Just like Bitmex, Binance to has a different trading fee for traders with different trading volumes.

Binance has different fees for makers of trades and takers of trades. The trading fees start with 0.1% and can go as low as 0.02 for traders with a monthly trading volume of 150,000 BTC.

My Review

I have been using Binance for trading and storing my bitcoin and cryptocurrency from the last 2 years. Binance trading volume and trading pairs make it a good Bitmex alternative. Binance would be the best Bitmex alternatives from this list.

My Rating: 5/5



ByBit is second on my list of best Bitmex alternatives as it has over 2 billion in daily trade volume which means you won’t have any difficulty while looking for liquidity while trading.

The developer of the Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange has built an order matching engine that can handle over 100k trades per second. ByBit has hundreds of trading pair which can which you can leverage to gain good profits. 

ByBit has one of the best support teams for a cryptocurrency exchange and comes with a 24/7 multilingual support team. ByBit offers over 100x leverage on bitcoin derivates that make it an attractive trading feature and one of the top Bitmex alternatives in this list.

The exchange stores most of its user cryptocurrencies in a cold wallet that makes secure for storing and trading your bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency.

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Trading fees

ByBit has different trading fees for spot trading, margin trading and derivatives trading. The maker fees and takers fees are different for traders with different trading volume. Traders with low volume have high trading fees and cryptocurrency traders with high trading volume have low trading fee structure.

bybit trading fees

My Review 

ByBit has a lot of features and my second best Bitmex alternative in this list. Customer support and trading features are one of the best in the industry.

My Rating: 4.8/5 



Huobi is the only exchange in the list of Bitmex alteratives that listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The exchange has over $1 billion of trading volume and traders who are looking for liquidity would not find any difficulty even if they are trading in high volume. 

Houbi is has trading features that are said to be the best in the cryptocurrency industry. Since the exchange is fully regulated traders will not have to worry about any legal issue.

Huobi is one of the old exchanges in the list and was first headquartered in China and due to legal issues moved its headquarters to Hong Kong.  In August 2018, Houbi became one of the only cryptocurrency exchanges in the world to get listed in a stock exchange. 

Huobi was founded by Leon Li offers over the counter, Spot, Derivative, and margin trading. 

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Trading fees

Huobi changes its traders with trading fees based on their monthly trading volume. High volume cryptocurrency traders have low trading fees that make it very attractive. I have listed the entire trading fees below.   

huobi fees

My Review 

If you are looking for an exchange that is loaded with features and also legally compliant then Huobi is a good Bitmex alternative. Huobi makes it very secure for cryptocurrency trading as it listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange 

My Rating: 4.9/5 



Okex has bitcoin (BTC) and hundreds of cryptocurrencies to trade from which makes it one of the best bitmex alternatives on this list. The exchange was founded in 2017 and within a span of 3 years it became of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of volume. Okex does over $1.5 billion in reported trade volume.

Okex offers 100x leverage on perpetual contracts, the exchange also offers spot treading, fiat trading, margin trading for its user. The user experience and user interface has a good layout making trading very easy on the Okex exchange.

The exchange has a trading volume of over $1.5 billion per day which makes trading highly liquid. The exchange also has a decentralized trading feature which that its a very good alternative to Bitmex. 

Okex is known for its derivative and margin trading with bitcoin (BTC)and many cryptocurrencies to choose from.

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Trading fees

Okex like all other Bitmex alternatives in this list has different fees base on their monthly trade volume. I have listed the entire fee structure of Okex below.

okex fees

My Review 

Okex is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in this list for derivative trading when compared to the rest of the Bitmex alternatives. I have been a user of Okex from the last 2 years and it has never disappointed me while trading.   

My Rating: 4.8/5


Coinbase is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in this list and operates in over 30 countries. Coinbase is known for its fiat to a cryptocurrency exchange and users from all over the US love buying and selling bitcoin and cryptocurrency on it.

Coinbase is one of the safest exchanges to buy and sell Btc eth and other cryptocurrencies its is also rated as one of the top fiat to cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Coinbase is one of the few exchanges in the world which has obtained the BitLicense in New York.

Trading fees

Just like all the other Bitmex alternatives in this list, Coinbase has variable trading fees based on the transition fees. The fees on the transaction depend on the amount. A transaction with a higher amount has low trading fees. I have listed these detailed trading fees below.

coinbase bitmex alternative

My Review

I would recommend anyone who is living in the countries it is operating to try out Coinbase to buy and sell btc eth and other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase complies with all the legal issue and so you don’t have to worry about buying and selling bitcoin (BTC) and cryptos.

Final Thoughts

Bitmex is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platform with loads of features but if you are looking for another alternative to BitMex this list of exchanges should be a good choice for you. If you think of any other exchange that would be perfect in this list of BitMEX competitors for trading bitcoin (btc) and other crypto currency.

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