10 of the best comic torrenting sites in 2023 (Safe& Legal)

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If you are just like me and you love to read Mangas and comics then this one is just for you.

We all know how fascinating it is to roam around a fictional world full of amazing characters, comics are a perfect way to do so.

The era of physical books is long gone, as the technology has developed it demands new online versions of all the old things, and comics torrenting is one such technological development.

Through this article, we will try to provide you with the top ten torrenting sites to read or download comics in 2022.

These are the top ten best comic for torrenting websites for 2023

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The Best Comic Torrenting Sites explained

The Pirate Bay

If you have never heard the name of The Pirate Bay, then you’re definitely a newbie in the world of torrenting. This site was permanently closed in 2016, as the owners were caught by the authorities for piracy. But don’t worry, there are still many proxies scattered all over the internet. TPB is one of the best sites for downloading all sorts of manga, may it be ecchi, or shonen. They have an entire niche dedicated to all comic lovers. Just search ‘tbsp proxies’ in Google and you’ll be downloading torrents in no time.


Torrent Downloads

A very generic name for a not so generic website, this site will provide you with a plethora of options for comics, with a dedicated section for the same. The only drawback is that it does not have a proper filtering option. This option provides you with over 30,000 titles to choose from.



With a huge number of users, it acquired last year the popularity of this website has grown tremendously. With it’s easy to use interface and a variety of shows to choose from. The downside to this platform is that it does not have a separate section for comics but as it is easy to navigate you are covered in this aspect as well.



With a very simple user interface and a lot of healthy torrenting options to choose from,1337X is one of the websites which has an array of features and contents to explore from but you need to manually search through it to get what you want. This is one of the comic torrenting sites which here to stay has been rated multiple times by anti-piracy groups but it always makes a comeback.


Lime torrents

This famous torrents website with a standard looking interface comes with a well-categorized library. With its search bar and variety of famous titles to choose from it can be one of the best ways to download manga and comics. The one thing which may affect some of the users is that you Must use a required torrent client which is an extra step but the torrent client is very powerful and can be used again in the future.


KAT (KickassTorrents)

One of the well-respected torrents with a good interface that offers Helpful categorization and a Dedicated comics section. This comic book torrent also comes with Plenty of healthy torrents to choose from. Apart from many ads and pop-ups, it’s a very good option for browsing niche categories.


Extra torrent

A well designed and categorized platform which is a perfect torrent tracker for a comic book for torrenting.

Based on a previously popular tracker, this platform offers a Sizeable library and a Helpful sorting and filtering system. This is one of the most convenient ways for comic book torrenting and downloading.



This website does a very good job when it comes to sites for downloading comic books.

Torlock provides the users with not only verified torrents but also  Plenty of content categories to choose from.  Great source of comics and comic book torrenting. The only thing which is not up to the mark is the user interfaces because of the fact that it is very old and plain.



This website will surely be even helpful to those who are very picky comic book nerds as it has the library which comprises over 60 million torrents to choose from and that too by using a wonderful user interface. This site for downloading comic books is also infested with aggressive advertisements other than which it’s a nice way for comic book torrenting.

            Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


Our last pick is a special one for all the geeks and nerds as it offers a Torrent search engine, a well-optimized and a well Polished user interface which is also accompanied by Real-time search trend tracking.this one of the best if not the best way to download comic books and comic book torrenting. Though it is feature-rich, it can sometimes be very confusing for some of its users.


P.S- use of torrents and the act of torrenting can be unsafe and even illegal in some regions as it amounts to piracy. Use it at your own risk and to avoid any problem use VPNs. To know more about VPNs (a virtual private network) please do check out our detailed and informative article on VPNs and all the questions which are commonly related to the concept.


All the above-mentioned websites and platforms are one of the best for comics and comic book torrenting. They are worthy sites to download comic books and any other movie or show which you would love to watch. All the websites are not placed in any particular order. All the ratings are based on the performance of the webpage and it’s an easy to use interface.

For more of such amazing and informative articles please do tune in to our website. Comment below your recommendations and questions and we would love to help you out with them.

Let us know which is the best comic of all time or which upcoming comic are you most excited about. Until next time.

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