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Streaming anime online has become extremely popular in recent times, as more people are turning to this form of Japanese entertainment, to fill up their leisure time. Anime fans can sometimes get crazy into their object of affection, and make it their lifestyle, by collecting manga, anime-themed merchandise, toys, home furniture, and even costumes to cosplay their favorite characters. And to cater to these needs of anime nerds, several sites have come forward for this sole purpose. One such site and probably the most popular and dynamic of them all is Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming websites where you can find a diverse variety of anime that you can watch in English subbed and dubbed versions. The videos are of high-resolution and you can watch them without any interruption sitting in the comfort of your own bedroom. You can stream anime on Crunchyroll from various platforms like your smartphones, TVs, desktops, tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. And the best part about Crunchyroll is that you can also buy anime-themed merch like clothes, action figures, plushies, decorative items, and manga from their official store. How cool is that?

However, a monthly or yearly subscription to Crunchyroll can be a little expensive but worry not, you can also make a free Crunchyroll account to watch anime. But there are several limitations to this and also you don’t get access to a lot of perks and benefits. Come let us take a look at exactly what you can access with a free Crunchyroll account and how to overcome this limitation!

What Can You Watch on a Free Crunchyroll Account?

With a free Crunchyroll account, you get access to a limited amount of anime. You can watch shows from various genres like action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, etc., however, they are very small in numbers. You can watch shows like Boruto, Demon Slayer, Re: Life, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Tower of God, CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD, Psychic Princess, Eyeshield 21, Bloodivores, Laidback-Camp, 11eyes, Onee-Chan ga Kita, Moster Strike, etc. 

Also, you only get access to a limited number of episodes on a free Crunchyroll account and you can only watch them with English subs. You also get a lot of ads during the videos that could be really annoying.

What are the Other Features of a Free Crunchyroll Account?

  1. Simulcast Shows: You get access to a few Simulcast shows which you can watch at the same time as they are released in Japan. Some of these shows are Boruto, High Guardian Spice, CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD, Demon Slayer, etc.
  1. Manga: You can also read a limited number of translated mangas on Crunchyroll’s manga reading platform like Attack on Titan, Genshin Impact, To Your Eternity, EDENS ZERO, Is This Girl for Real?, Talentless Nana, Scum’s Wish, Ajin: Demi Human, Love Theory, CardCaptor Sakura, Space Brothers, etc. However, you can only read very few chapters with a free Crunchyroll account
  1. Games: You also get access to a few video games like Grand Summoners, Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Mitrasphere, etc. that you can download either from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
Offline DownloadsNo
Quality of Videos720p HD/1080p FHD
Access to Crunchyroll StoreNo

Crunchyroll Free-Trial: Advantages and Limitations

Crunchyroll offers a 14-days free-trial version with a subscription to any of its paid Premium plans. In order to access the Crunchyroll free trial, you have to sign up for either of its three Premium plans by putting in your credit card information. 


  1. The Crunchyroll free-trial lets you gain access to all the features of the Premium plan that you opted for without having to pay a dime.
  2. This means that you can gain access to its entire anime library
  3. You can watch all episodes without any ads
  4. You can watch subbed and dubbed anime on Crunchyroll
  5. You can read English manga on Crunchyroll


  1. The free-trial version only lasts for 14-days
  2. You have to make the decision whether you want to keep or give up Crunchyroll within these 14 days
  3. After this time period is over and you still have the account, you have to pay the full month’s price for that month

Crunchyroll Premium Version: What are the Prices?

Crunchyroll offers three Premium Plans to its subscribers. They are as follows:

  1. Fan Plan: $7.99/month
  2. Mega Fan Plan: $9.99/month
  3. Ultimate Fan Plan: $14.99/month
Crunchyroll packages

With the Fan Plan that comes for $7.99/month, you can get access to all the shows in Crunchyroll catalog along with all Simulcast shows. You also get access to all of the mangas available on Crunchyroll. With the Mega Fan Plan that comes for $9.99/month, you get access to everything included in the Fan Plan as well as free offline downloads, access to the Crunchyroll store, and also multi-device streaming. And with the Ultimate Fan Plan that costs $14.99/month, you get all of these plus Crunchyroll sends you a swag bag full of anime-themed goodies every year, a limited-run Hime Nendoroid figure, special discounts on Crunchyroll’s store, and first access to Crunchyroll Expo events and lotteries. 

Tips on Making Full Use of the Crunchyroll Free-Trial Version

With the Crunchyroll free-trial version, you can get access to all the benefits of the plan that you subscribed to. This also means that you can stream from 1 account on multiple devices. You can stream Crunchyroll on various devices like Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Android devices, etc. This allows you to stream anime on one or more of these devices using a single account. 

Device NameAccessibility
Windows Phone
Xbox One
Wii U
Apple TV
Fire TV

Final Thoughts

It is obvious that with a free Crunchyroll account, you won’t get the perks and benefits that you will get with a paid Premium account. Crunchyroll has also banned the use of VPN, therefore, you cannot even use one to switch your account to that of a different country that may offer a bigger collection of anime, manga, and video games with their free Crunchyroll accounts. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to get a Premium Crunchyroll account that does away with all the limitations and lets you use this anime streaming site to the fullest. 

You can check out our articles on Crunchyroll review to get a better insight on how to use this platform. What do you think will you go for, a free Crunchyroll account or a Premium one? Let us know in the comments!

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